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Since I got very depressed in 1987 following a severe health issue( I had just finished working 8 years in charge of a Burn Center) I was reported to the IPN for depression. I jumped through all of their hoops,sat in groups of... Read More

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    And, you haven't wasted your life. You were a nurse for 30 years! How can you call that a waste of life? Oh Bellekat...I know how you feel right now. I do. It hurts.

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    So actually,after I looked trough all the paperwork the IPN has kicked me out twice for paperwork even though they said they never would. I was in the middle of moving and hadn't forwarded my mail yet and the new contract went to the Port Office. When I didn't turn in the contact I never got I was kicked out.When I told them about this they were unmoved.
    The IPN has been a rash on my entire nursing career,just because I asked for help for depression after working in the Burn Center. They change the rules,they want me,at 51 with health issues to work in a hospital setting. I can only work part time,they aren't hiring part time. It was a catch 22.
    This is a heart breaking end to my nursing career,I could go through the board and get into "guess what" the IPN again whcih "works so well" for me.
    No thanks. I'm having a pity party I know and I'm sure nursing will survive without me and this post will probably be removed.
    Maybe I'll go into sustenace gardening,farming,anything where the back biting,back stabbing and all around nastyness that is nursing anymore isn't around.

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