Can I scream now????

  1. 3 I am just frustrated.

    I am soooo frustrated!!!!!

    There's a nurse at work this weekend that was blatantly HIGH and had taken out wayyy to much drugs out of the pixis. Well,, you know how everyone is afraid to say ANYTHING because we don't want to get in trouble for ruining someone's reputation because of false accusations. It even makes me afraid to say anything, even though I have been through it all and I know that the best thing for her is to SAY SOMETHING.

    I called the manager and he will be taking care of it, somehow, but I have to work with this nurse again tomorrow. There were two nurses that approached ME about it,, for ME to call the NM,, If anyone follows my threads, you all know that I just started a new job, and actually TODAY was my second day at this job. They chose me to call because they know that I have training in nursing peer assistance. They didn't want to make the nurse upset at them. I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!!! HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON!!>?!>! Apparently a long time, from what they said. Everyone was afraid to say anything.


    Okay, I'm done screaming now.
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    Hey easttexas.... Don't know what to say except I would feel like screaming too. You don't need this when you have just started back. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow night. Maybe she'll have to pee in a cup!
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    This kind of behavior is called enabling and it can keep us sick.
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    Good for you, etn.

    Clearly, everyone wanted you to blow the whistle because you have less of a connection to this person, and less emotional involvement with her, if not the issue.

    Good on ya.
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    Well, we ended up having to contact the CEO before the ball got rolling. What is really bad is that this nurse is a really great person, so nice, respectful, helpful and energetic. They hated to admit what was going on. Anyway, I feel better about the patient. Patient was labeled "drug seeking". hmm go figure.
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    I've read that drug using nurses are, as a rule, awesome nurses whom everyone admires. Sorry you have to deal with this. I hope she gets help.
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    Quote from easttexasnurse31
    Well, we ended up having to contact the CEO before the ball got rolling. What is really bad is that this nurse is a really great person, so nice, respectful, helpful and energetic. They hated to admit what was going on. Anyway, I feel better about the patient. Patient was labeled "drug seeking". hmm go figure.
    hum.......... sounds like you were describing me "such a great person, so nice, respectful, helpful, and 'ever so energetic" and definitely an active addict, some 20+ years ago.......It did me no go to be enabled, at the time I needed to be reported, to help me take the responsibility and actions necessary for an successful recovery process.........

    I am sorry you had to experience this so soon, in return to work, but glad you did, for the patients and the sick nurse... and girly it is a heck of a reality check for you........ hey? >>grins<< I am proud of you, it took some amount of courage and ETHICS.....:heartbeat
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    Yeah, I feel bad for you. But someone needs to bring these issues to management attention. Being a patient advocate isn't restricted to the patients in our direct care - but to our patient population as a whole. I'm sorry this is so frustrating, but you would be more frustrated had a patient been injured due to no one saying anything about an impaired nurse. Keep it all in perspective, sweetums. You have to have the COURAGE to change the things you can. Blowing the whistle on an impaired nurse is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

    Keep your head up - doing the right thing isn't always the easiest thing.
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    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful words. It surely did put my life into perspective when this happened. I knew in my heart that she needed to get help, but I also seen myself in her many years ago, lost, afraid, living minute by minute, depressed but not know it, and seeing life through tempered glass that made everything fuzzy and meaningless. Numb, thats what I was. And I saw all of that in her, along with a great nurse deep down inside.

    I can't explain how wonderful I feel about my life. I catch myself "happy" everyday, looking around and wondering what I did to deserve all of this, , a great family, a wonderful home and a rewarding career. But then I tell myself, that I deserve this because I worked for it. I was honest with myself and dug my way out of the hole I put myself into... now that hole has filled with dirt and has grass growing on it. I plan to stay out of that hole. This life is happy,,,, it's a good life
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    I've been extremely open to my coworkers about my recovery and my drug abuse. They stood by me and held me up during my treatment and the past 5 yrs of my recovery.

    Being honest with them helps keep me honest. but i have always told them, if you suspect me or any nurse of stealing drugs, the most loving thing you can do is tell someone. i've always told them not to feel bad about reporting someone. it's not up to them to determine guilt or innocence. if they are innocent then nothing will happen to them BUT if they ARE stealing then by telling on them...they are saving someone's life, be it the nurse's life herself or the patient's but either way she's not safe to practice.

    so first day on the job or 1000th day on the job...ya did good!
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