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  1. Tired of the Bull

    You've tried talking to him...I've worked with some people who've been unreceptive to feedback, they usually hang themselves. I personally would wait it out. It's hard talking to someone who doesn't have insight. Might as well bash your head against ...
  2. Nursing Managers- How did you get there?

    Hard work, lots of networking and soaking up everything I could like a sponge. Education, certification, conferences. Flexibility, solution oriented (no complaining), and always smiling. Politics w drs other Rns and patients.
  3. Tired of disciplining people

    Actually, I've been there before. It can get overwhelming and frustrating so I feel your pain. Know that it will pass, it's not personal, and I've never sent someone to the board or peer review that was doing what was in the best interest of the publ...
  4. It took me a few years to get the salary I wanted. I did a few things beyond getting my MSN, got a specialty certification, participated in Research, served as a representative in my local AORN chapter, volunteered for community service events... It ...
  5. Tired of the Bull

    Management ebbs and flows. He may not last. But done is done. Is stepping down an option? Getting out of the rat race and focusing on patients for the next couple of years?
  6. I've always done them sterile. The patients are at great risk for infection to begin with. We should make our best effort to keep all the bugs off.
  7. New OR RN...which team should I choose???

    We had to do them all. Many smaller hospitals don't have specialized teams, you should try them all if you can.
  8. First Assist Responsibilities

  9. First Assist Responsibilities

    Some of our physicians use CST-FAs and RNFAs. One of my techs recently reported a CST-FA operating a drill and placing hardware while the physician held the bone in proper alignment. I would think complex fractures requiring this level of skill would...
  10. Retractor Holder

    It's in our state laws in Texas. Check with your state.
  11. Vaginal preps

    Castile Soap
  12. Surgeon closing before re-count complete

    I am an OR manager, and I've been involved in two sentinel events to conduct a root cause analysis. It doesn't matter if you leave the room or not. A retained item occurs after final wound closure. In both events we reviewed, the patient wasn't out o...
  13. Safety for Pregnant OR Nurses

    I just found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Has anyone been through a pregnancy while working in the OR? I don't have the luxury of moving to another unit, as my job has a call requirement.I'm actually paranoid and scared. This is my second pregnancy...
  14. "I don't need a scrub nurse for this case"...

    As a surgical services nurse manager, I say ABSOLUTELY NOT! The scrub is responsible for adhering to specific standards as defined by their job description, not residents or other MDs. I will delay a case if I don't have staff. If this is a frequent ...
  15. New Manager, needs help to deal with staff

    Document, document, document. I am furious for you. Being promoted from within is difficult. Sometimes, you can give them an "opportunity" to improve via an action plan. Failure to comply with all elements in the action plan will result in immediate ...