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Are you kidding? benedryl???

  1. 0 I am in the IPN program for fla. IPN says no benedryl. benedryl helps me on those nights I can't sleep. I never abuse it. I might take 5 in month. does it show up in the drug screens? I can't wait for these 5 yrs to pass..... so sick of this mess if got myself in.
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    I know! It is crazy! My now hubby and I were in our state's program together. He requested permission to take Benadryl prn for allergies. His CM said no due to the sedative effects.

    I was taking OTC Dramamine at the time I entered our state's monitoring program and did not ask about continuing - (I am NOT suggesting this was or is the right thing to do). I was never asked about it.

    When I was in treatment the doc started me on Vistaril due to anxiety issues. I spoke with my addictionologist after d/c and he agreed I should stay on it.

    Good luck to u - it is a LONG road!

    Anne, RNC
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    You might try Melatonin for sleeping it works but I have to take it and then turn off all lights In about 30 min. works off Circadian rhythm. Never comes up on drug screen, no Benadryl hangover effect. I use OTC zyrtec for allergies. Other than that I scared of taking anything else.
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    thanks y'all!! I am going to try the melatonin!!
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    Valerian works for me for nights when I can't sleep. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch!
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    Quote from NevadaFighter
    Valerian works for me for nights when I can't sleep. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch!
    Valerian can show up on a UDS as a false positive for benzos. They can do a qual to suss out that it's an herbal and not a benzo...but that depends if the IPN is willing to take that step.

    Be careful with herbals though, especially if taking any other medications as they can interact.

    You should talk with your doc about other sleep aids that would be IPN approved, as we can not give medical advice here nor can we recommend specific medications.

    Best of luck.
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    I thought about that too.! thanks!
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    So benadryl does shoe up or it doesn't?
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    I was pretty skeptical but Melatonin puts me right to sleep and I doubt if anyone cares enough to test you for it.
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    Melatonin doesn't bc I take It just abt every night.
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    I take Bendryl as it is written into my contract. I have a medical reason to take it daily and IPN never gave me any problems about it. My Doctor just wrote them a note saying I needed to take it daily and there could be days I would have to take an extra dose.
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    Quote from BamaRN2004
    So benadryl does shoe up or it doesn't?
    If a drug test is looking for it, it will. Depending on the OP's contract, they very well may be testing for it.
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    My contract says I have to notify them with in two days of taking it. I took it once not realizing it was on the list and didn't fail a drug test the next day. I haven't taken it since.