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Med/Surg RN for 9 years/ Step down 2 years

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  1. BamaRN2004

    Workplace bullying

    No not ageist. I was not saying bullies were old nurses. They can be nurses wit ten years exoerience. I think you read that wrong. I do not like your comment
  2. BamaRN2004

    Just self-reported to IPN

    I am sorry you had to join us. It breaks my heart to hear this. You should have gone and did a urine screen anyways. And received a lawyer. Lawyers do help you and get you a deal to your best interest or maybe even prove the discrespency was wrong. And you were accused for not reason. I know when I saw my pyxis print out I almost threw up seeing what I did. I knew I did it but seeing it was so real and an eye opener for me. I hope that this eases your mind that you self reported and hope all goes well. Mind if I ask what state you are from? And are they going to take away your license for awhile? I am hear to talk if you would like. I have two ears ready to listen so you can vent your frustrations. Bless you sweet one.
  3. I have to admit this whole thing has thrown me for a loop as I am sure it has many of you. Yes I did the crime now I am doing the time. I have been clean for 3 years. I have been battling the board with my lawyer for three years. It came down to the best scenario for me as we thought it was others would disagree. But I am on probation for a year I have no stipulations against giving meds. Just no Home health or hospice. Not sure if the DPAP would have been any better since I have already done my rehab and I am still seeing a therapist continuously. Anyways my concern is that I started my probation 3 months ago. Each month I was test 3 times. Well this month I was only tested 2 times. And It kinda bothers me that I was only selected twice not 3 or 4 times. Has this happened to anyone else. Am I worried for no reason. I seem to self sabotage myself as in when thing are going great I cannot except bc my brain tells me there is something wrong going on. If that makes any sense at all. But has this happened to anyone. Or is this how the program goes.? Help please. I am confused.
  4. BamaRN2004

    Pre-Employment Drug Screens and Perscription Meds

    There are a lot of health care professionals who take opiates for chronic pain or benzos for chronic aniety everyday. They are not considered under the influence. I know many in pain management. It would be discriminatory if one were to be fired bc of it. Plus the people that take meds everyday like they are suppose too and not in mass quantities cant even tell a euphonria from them anymore. Just like you with your ADHD. Just bc it is a narcotic not your adhd med doesn't mean it is wrong to take everyday. There are reasons why people take pain meds everyday just as you do for your brain.
  5. BamaRN2004

    Scared about a positive marijuana test

    Here in Alabama the lead investigator will call and ask questions. If someone calls and asks questions do not tell them anything. Get you a lawyer who deals with Nurses. Be honest like you have here on this forum. Keep working! No one has to know that you are under investigation. Also some states it takes 3 years for discipline. Good luck and don't worry to much it doesn't help at all.
  6. BamaRN2004

    Can they report me?!?!

    your gonna be just fine. That is a load of crap and sounds like she was threatening you. Also look into the EEOCC and file a complaint too with them. That will definitely make it aware you did nothing wrong and will put the spotlifht on them and they will get scared for what wrong doings they did to you. Good Luck.I see no reason of any discipline. let us know that happens
  7. BamaRN2004

    Please listen!!!

    Don't listen to this. It don't mean a hill a beans if you are a CNA before or not. It might help you learn bed/baths and butt wiping better but that's it. And as one stated above and I know that the university hospital is the same they like fresh people so they can train them the proper way or there way that way they can teach nurses to be great nurses, leaders, and advocates. cNA work is back breaking more so than nursing. Save your back and put your nose in your book and pass the boards and Good Luck to each and everyone of you bc nursing is the hardest job you'll ever have. You'll love and hate it te rest of your life.
  8. BamaRN2004

    forgot First Lab call in. California Probation

    I call every morning at 0400. and if I sleep thru I do it as soon as I get up. I am too paranoid not to call. But I did forget one Sunday. It was my first week of testing. But we do not do screens on Sundays. Just Mon-Sat. So I am not sure we are actually suppost to call on Sunday. But I do anyways. I am a little over a month on my probation too. Yesterday I called and I was selected. The place I go test at is open til 1900. Well I got there a little after 1800. And they told me they stopped doing tests at 1700. And I could find no place to do a test at. I called my probation monitor lady last night and I called her 3 times this am until she answere. I have had no sleep bc I was so worried about it. she was nice about it and said well now you know there policies and I think they do the cut off times to allow people 2 hours to build up urine to urinate. I was like oh. okay. and she said she would write it down as a unexcused test. whatevet that meant. To hell with this drives me insane. Feel I will have a nervous breakdown soon. Just call you monitor sponsor and good luck.
  9. BamaRN2004

    forgot First Lab call in. California Probation

    $95 good grief. Mine are $68. where are you from? Well I guess that doesn't make a difference
  10. BamaRN2004

    Pyxis machine and nurses diverting meds.....

    Oh okay. I didn't see the part about correctional facility. It was kind of a long thread and I skimmed through. I give my apologies for saying that. It just was confusing at first like you said. But that makes sense being a correctional facility. I would like to find out how things turned out too. I know this is an old thread but I am new to the forum and couldn't sleep so I was thumbing thru the posts. Just seeing how everyone else was doing in this crazy life we live.
  11. BamaRN2004

    Pyxis machine and nurses diverting meds.....

    I am confused. Because if you were pulling med from the pyxis and then your patient didn't want it and you cancelled it that should be fine. But how did you know they didn't want it when you were pulling that med? Because you would have had to have taken to them and they said no thanks or they just happened to walk by the machine and said I don't want that pill. I know the pyxis well and the story you tell doesn't add up. I am thinking you are in denial about a problem you have. I know this post is a little behind in yeas but Ijust found it odd about he pyxis machine. Don't think I am being mean but if that is the story you gave them then it probably didn't pass and you are prob disciplined by now. Sorry that happened. always waste don't cancel. Even waste non narcotics that is to save your butt.
  12. BamaRN2004

    Advice for dealing with addicts?

    This post is very very judgmental. You have no clue what those people go thru. Anxiety is mostly the reason they started using in the first place. And when detoxing the anxiety is unreal. so give them the meds who are you to say they can't have it unless they can't hold there eyes open. Keep on judging !!
  13. BamaRN2004

    Terminated! Now what?

    I am so sorry this happened to you. In fact it happens many of times. But what makes me shocked is you have never been in trouble before so why would this one time get you fired. Also do they monitor those phones with calls and recordings. Ask. It wouldn't hurt. they could go back and listen to the conversation. Some nurses do not like techs ans treat them like dogs I have seen it a lot. It's not right. Also if you think you have been fired for an unjust reason then go to the EEOCC and file a complaint. This will protect you from further issues with getting other jobs and also bring it to your hospitals HR and manager that there was a problem and they didn't handle it right and should have. On the question what to put on why you were let go. Just say a misunderstanding. Or Find a good wording for it. I cant think of one at the moment if I do I will comment back. But don't sit back and not do anything. Seriously good EEOCC and see what you think. Good Luck. And once you get your LPN license getting a job want be hard. Also usually if a company calls the HR department of the place you use to work at. They can only ask if you did work there. They are not allowed to ask specifics. If they do it is a big no no And remember there are good people out there to listen to what happened to you. It happens way to often.
  14. Welcome to the world of Nursing. Most are knocked down bc it was not what they imagined. 3 months a brand new nurse and burnt out already Maybe you should look into a diff degree than a BSN. All a BSN will do is help you with grad school. Also don't feel bad about not getting med passes out an hour before and after. I have worked med/surg for 9 years and sometimes it takes me 3 hours but hey they were given right? You have to do what you have to do and sometimes schedules meds have to wait unfortunately. Look into something different to try. Maybe a doctor office will be more of your thing and speed. Hospital and LTC nursing is very hard. And I have spent many days crying over it but I love it too. I am so sorry you are overwhelmed. Maybe you could talk to your manager. Unless you don't think that will help. Also staffing and not having enough nurses to work is everywhere. And in most cases they do have enough to work but it is the budget that keeps nurses well staffed and safe and not stressed. Money is evil. Try something different. Don't give up just yet. See if something else fits you. Maybe LTC is not your thing. I know its not my thing. M/S is. I live for it. It is fast paced, challenging,,but rewarding in some ways. So chin up. Start looking for something that will not make you miserable. you should not be burnt out or have bad feelings only 3 months into nursing. Sounds like the job more than you. Keep on trucking! Apply for things that are interesting to you. And don't give up you just haven't found you niche yet. Hugs to you.
  15. BamaRN2004

    Are you kidding? benedryl???

    Melatonin doesn't bc I take It just abt every night.