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    I've been in IPN for a year now. I had a dilute UDS my first month a year ago. yesterday, I had a UDS that came back abnormal...... WTH? I got off work and immediately went to the lab. I just started a new job a month ago at a LTC/REHAB facility. Yesterday was a crazy day. I had one cup of coffee in the morning before work (6am) and then a glass of tea (32oz) at lunch. when I went to the lab, I sat on the toilet and peed in the cup, as I was sitting on the toilet I opened the door and showed the lab attendant the amount I peed and asked if it was enough. she said yes. My urine was very dark because I had not drank much all day. I am positive my specific gravity and creatine were high. also, I just finished a round of Amoxicillin because of a sore throat. would these factors cause an abnormal result? can I get in trouble for this? it's been less than 24 hours since the UDS and I am on my way to a lab now to do another UDS on my own...... what are your thoughts on this and does anyone have any experience with this situation? thanks for all the info in advance.
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  3. by   HunnieBadger
    My bet is on the Abx that you were on, they will mess your urine up! I only know this because when I was on prednisone the doctor made sure to ask about Abx and told me that they will skew results. As long as you know you're clean you shouldn't worry! Easier said than done I know
  4. by   Junebug59
    oh Hunniebadger, thanks for mentioning the prednisone too! I got a shot of that when I was in the doctor's office. totally forgot. I have all the paper work from the doctor about the amoxicillin and the prednisone shot. in fact, after I left the dr's office, I sent my case manager an email telling her about the meds. it was a week ago Tuesday I got the shot of prednisone and took the antibiotic for a week from that point on...... it's so nerve racking!!!!! grrrr! i just don't want to go through a battery of tests and money to prove my innocence. also, this morning i went to a lab and got another drug screen just to prove i'm negative less than 24 hours from the abnormal UDS...... see how paranoid i am?? lol
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  6. by   Twoyearnurse
    Amoxicillin can cause an initial positive for I want to say amphetamine. They should do an actual anlysis at the lab. Deep breath love!
  7. by   sallyrnrrt
    it is going to be ok, and we love and support you
  8. by   Junebug59
    thanks you guys, I love y'all too...... <3 anything no matter what can send you into fits of panic with this stuff.... LOL
  9. by   Big Blondie
    Amoxil is listed in my paperwork as potential for false positive. Sending supportive vibes your way!
  10. by   SouthernPoint
    Knowing from experience with IPN. If it is marked as "Abnormal" it is going to be a Creatine issue 10 to 1. Issue's with drugs or etoh will come back as "Positive".

    I know this because I basically always have abnormal ones due to my diet. For me I believe I had thrown 2 or 3 before the MRO gave me a call and we just talked about what could be causing my Creatine issue. He summitted his report and all was good.

    I have never had a "Positive" UDS, but I know from other nurses who have. IPN will be calling you ASAP, so they can pull you from work from what I have been told.

    Anyways I don't check my results. Never have. I have been on my fair share of medications that is said to cause false positives and I have never had any issues. My advise. Always call you CM and let them know about new medications you are put on. Also, the person who handles the UDS's is also a good information person.

    If you are being 100% honest and there is nothing to hide. Even a false positive can be cleared up by doing a GC on the split sample.
  11. by   sissiesmama
    Hey OP! I know it's hard to not stress about it, but try not to.

    I had one come back abnormal after receiving some abx, and one come back with messed up creat. also when I was crazy busy at work.

    Try not to stress! We are here for u! Love u!

    Anne, RNC
  12. by   Oogie
    As I was called for a UDS I'd usually walk from the hosp. I worked at to the lab on my lunch (30min). Prob a mile away. Well on a particullary busy day ( my number came up), I had little time that day to hydrate. Well when I got there all I saw was a sign saying they had moved to a location that was a mile away the other direction from the hospital. I fast walked, (now about 3 miles) in a very short amt. of time. My sample was dark/smelly. The SG and Creatinine came back extremely high. Not a word was said, because I was neg. for any drug or etg. Just because my levels were high I was OK. Hope the same holds true for you. Peace
  13. by   Junebug59
    thanks for the reassurance Oogie!! I am praying they don't try to hassle me about nothing more than dehydration......
  14. by   Junebug59
    deep breath.... sigh! lol!