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3 years sober

  1. 0 Just wanted to say that I am celebrating 3 years sober this month! I am so grateful to the fellowship for everything. I moved to another state, away from family, to go to nursing school. It was the members AA and NA that took me in and helped me get through school and pass my boards. Miracles do happen! I was a wreak when I came from the street. :spin:I never believed that my dream would come true years later. I took my boards the day after my birthday, 6/15/05, and I think it helped! Thanks Bill and Dr. Bob!:heartbeat
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    Congrats and good luck for many more years to come
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    Lovelynurse123, Congratulations, girl! Thanks for sharing the gifts of sobriety with us here. The promises do come true...if we work for them. You worked it!
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    CONGRATULATIONS on your 3-year sobriety 'birthday'!! WOOOOOT!!!
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    That's a lot of days at one time.

    Well done!
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    Proud of you and happy for you.