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What's your "must have" app?

  1. 0 I am a new grad and I am going to start my new job soon at a primary care setting. I need to get some useful apps on y iPhone such as meds, Dx, symptoms, etc. I have purchased UpToDate last year which is going to expire in 2 months and I am not looking into renewing it since it's very expensive and I won't get the student discount anymore. What's your favorite app? Thank you!
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    My favorite one is for the Jeep Wrangler site.
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    My hospital has a subscription to uptodate and it is great for research. However on my iphone I mostly use epocrates and medscape. The latter has a lot of information on diseases and differentials. You can also do CME.
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    I also use eOpioid (iphone) for opioid conversions and medcalc as a good calculator (medscape has a pretty good calculator too).
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    UptoDate, epocrates, MPR, and Medscape
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    UptoDate and epocrates
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    First Consult very handy as Medscape
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    Epocrates, MPR, Skyscape, and Medscape. UptoDate is the best, but expensive.
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    Epocrotes hands down, renal dosing and formulary coverage at the swipe of a finger!