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  1. tampaflrn6

    What's your "must have" app?

    Epocrates, MPR, Skyscape, and Medscape. UptoDate is the best, but expensive.
  2. tampaflrn6

    NP Fellowship or Residency Program

    Looking to see any NP's experience with NP Fellowship or Residency Program? I know the stipend pay sucks, but I dont care for that, just the knowledge and experience to become a better NP. I am looking into Charlotte, NC Advance Clinical practitioner fellowship program.
  3. tampaflrn6

    Anybody else in hiring limbo?

    Thanks morganvibes. I have checked HRSA, not much openings. I hope 2013 brings more NP jobs. Sadly, I have been rejected due to lack of experience. Thank god that I went back as an RN just to make ends meet. Its disappointing no one wants to train, hire a new grad.
  4. tampaflrn6

    Anybody else in hiring limbo?

    I am too in the job limbo. Everyone wants experience NPs. How can I become experience if I can't find get a NP job. This late summer I did take a np job and realize it was too much for me bc I did not get the support I needed as a new np. I was scared and felt like I was stupid... I had to learn on my own about billing and coding...medical diagnoses that I had not seen.. and learning my responsibilities as NP. So I left the position bc the doctor was not helping teach me or support me. Now I am back on the job search. This situation shot down my confidence level and see the reality of what new NPs deal with after graduation. Anyone been in my shoes? Will I find a good job? a doctor that will train, teach, and support me.
  5. tampaflrn6

    when is it ok to bring up....

    I never brought it up during the phone or face to face interview. Eventually, the interviewer or doctor will tell you the salary. Most of my phone interviews asked me what salary I'm looking for and I replyed with whatever the starting salary is for a new NP. Then they told me the salary. I'm looking too.
  6. tampaflrn6

    Internal Medicine is scary!

    I too am feeling the same as you. However, I did not get the support a new grad NP should get and I made the right choice to leave realizing the first 2 weeks the reality of the NP job I took. I was thrown into the wolves! Currently, searching for any RN job to pay bills. I got discourage and felt unprepared from the experience. I know with experience it will get better.
  7. tampaflrn6

    May grads, June test takers !

    I was in the same boat. Don't let anxiety overwhelm you during the test. During the test I notice my nerves were getting to me. So I took the time to close my eyes, took a couple of deep breaths, and told myself to calm the heck down. Fitz, hollier book, and the 2000 ANP & FNP practice questions was what I used to review. Honestly, using your "common sense" will help you with the test. I did not postpone my test. I studied like crazy like you. I couldn't take the anxiety anymore, so I changed the test 3 days early. I reviewed my weakest areas the day before the test. You studied enough! All you can do is try your best. Good luck. You can do it!!!
  8. tampaflrn6

    New NP looking for NP job

    I just passed my AANP and sent out resumes to different places looking for ARNPs. I'm worried because no one has called me for a job interview. I believe my resume turn out well, in which I listed my clinical practicums to show my clinical experiences. I understand that I am not marketable like Family NPs are, but as a New Adult NP, do I have a chance to get my first job?? How long will it take to land my first job?
  9. tampaflrn6

    NP seminar review or not?

    I passed the aanp test :) Fitzgerald was a good review. Never took Barkley so don't know.
  10. tampaflrn6

    May grads, June test takers !

    I passed the AANP yesterday!!! I'm still in shock from 3 months of stress from studying for this test. I'm glad its over and now I can enjoy my life.
  11. tampaflrn6

    ARNP resume tips

    I just passed the ANP exam with AANP. Glad it is over with. I have a question directed towards experience ANP. What are some good resume tips? Interview tips? Thanks, New ANP
  12. tampaflrn6

    NP seminar review or not?

    I will be graduating with my Adult NP this April. Should I take the Fitzgerald Seminar review? Is it worth the money? Any recommendations? I already have one of Fitzgerald's book.
  13. tampaflrn6

    NP Prescription privilege

    I am writing a paper on why alabama and florida are the two states that do not have prescription privilege for controlled substances. I live in florida, but compared to alabama, why Alabama?
  14. tampaflrn6

    Disorganize and unsafe hospital

    I recently moved to a new city in fl and just finish my nursing orientation. I work at a hospital that is so disorganize, nursing is always the blame, and the system is corrupt. Being new to the area and desperate for a job to be with my husband, I regret working at this hospital. Everday when I go to work, something new is brought up or changed. This is all happening because twice, this hospital FAILED accreditation with JCAHO. I have never been written up in my nursing career until another nurse told on me. It was something so small. I got written up for not doing walking rounds with the oncoming nurse. I am pretty much tried of this hospital. I am NOT satisfied working at this hospital and now I really know the truth of the system. Wish me luck finding a new job with this economy.
  15. tampaflrn6

    Clinical ladder

    6 months of RN experience..... when can I go up the clinical ladder? I precepted a new nurse already and have my BSN.
  16. tampaflrn6

    Dilaudid and Psych patient

    The patient took Seroquel that morning at home.... 8-9ish. I gave Dilaudid at 1915.