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I recently moved to a new city in fl and just finish my nursing orientation. I work at a hospital that is so disorganize, nursing is always the blame, and the system is corrupt. Being new to the area and desperate for a job to be with my husband, I regret working at this hospital. Everday when I go to work, something new is brought up or changed. This is all happening because twice, this hospital FAILED accreditation with JCAHO. I have never been written up in my nursing career until another nurse told on me. It was something so small. I got written up for not doing walking rounds with the oncoming nurse. I am pretty much tried of this hospital. I am NOT satisfied working at this hospital and now I really know the truth of the system. Wish me luck finding a new job with this economy.


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I can relate to the circumstances you find yourself in. I just resigned from my 2nd nursing job in 5 months. I REFUSE to work in an unsafe environment for me as well as for patients. I do not know now if I will ever get to practice as an RN since I am an new graduate, but I don't focus on that, instead I reflected on why I wanted to be a nurse (to help others) and today I spent 8 hrs in training to be a volunteer for Hospice, for the first time since becoming a nurse I feel like I'm on the right track. Yes this economy seems to not be the greatest it has been, but I will never know if I don't go for what it is I truly want.


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That is crazy. I have never heard such a thing. I can't even tell you how any times we do not do walking rounds.

I am lucky to get just a report. Hang in there. Maybe it is time to re-eval where you are. It sounds like a lot of tension

in this hospital..


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I am feeling your pain. I have been a nurse for almost 15 years now and the atmosphere at the hospital is no less than hostile. It amazes me that working conditions can be so horrible in todays society and at a Catholic hospital. Everything has been cut, including my wages....this year I will make 50% of what I made last year working full time hours. Each bit of bad news that is passed down is pre-empted with a speech about how bad the nuns had it back in the 1800's.... that sort of coersion just doesn't work on me....Im not a nun...its not the 1800's.... this is just appalling. Last week I was stabbed by a patient...a nurse I work with had her head repeatedly slammed into a cement wall by a patient (and we don't work in psych or the ER). Managements apathetic attitude toward their employees....general disconcern....is unexcusable. Nurses who have worked her for 20 years leave with not even a thank you for all your years of service...there is no appreciation at any level. We are treated not as individuals or even as human beings deserving of respect but as property to be used and discarded when worn. We are told to tie confused patients up to save on spending the money for a sitter. Work short staffed repeatedly. I am so disenchanted with the entire field....is there anyplace out there where safety REALLY is the number one concern?


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Get out of there STAT! It is an unsafe environment and you do not need to put up with the abuse. No job is worth risking your safety and your life.

Please check your PMs.

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My God! You can't possibly stay there, forget your license, your physical being is obviously at risk! I cannot fathom any agency allowing their staff to be subjected to this. I would start looking at regulatory agencies for support, quick! Good luck and I hope you stay safe.


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I cannot leave...single mother of four + area hiring freeze= I stay....

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I understand completely what you are saying. Document, document, document and do everything you can to protect yourself. Is it not crazy we have a mojor nursing shortage and yet EVERYWHERE, there is a hiring freeze going on.

There have to be policies regarding staff safety, if nothing else....a grievance procedure. You should be protected by Whistle Blower Act...and if nothing else, the general public would a field day with firing a single mother being forced to put her physical being in regular jeporady versus working to feed her kids.


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i have often considered writing the local paper....i would definitely lose my job. management has the general attitude that any ratio is a safe ratio....a safe ratio is dictated solely by economics and the number of call-ins. it is disheartening when i have a patient that wants my time....wants to talk about procedures or medications or even their lab results...disease processes and i have to hand them a flyer and run to the next patient....

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