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  1. pro-student

    Low BScN GPA, getting into NP

    A 3.0 is the bare minimum GPA for any reputable program. Your best option is to take any college classes (for credit) to increase your GPA. It would be wonderful if you can take something healthcare related or even psych but honestly, any classes tha...
  2. pro-student

    BS to MSN for RN

    There are MSN programs that will accept students who are RNs + have a bachelor's degree in any field but they are not the majority. Since you didn't mention any specialty or type of program you are interested it, it's hard to recommend a specific pro...
  3. pro-student

    Post-Masters Nurse Practitioner

    Many school have a minimum GPA of 3.0 but (officially or unofficially) expect a GPA of at least 3.5 if you have a master's degree or higher. Regardless of your other qualifications, your application might get rejected simply because your GPA is low. ...
  4. pro-student

    BSN or MSN with only RN diploma?

    In terms of job opportunities, it doesn’t matter. You will be considered a new grad/entry level nurse regardless of whether you get the BSN or MSN. Some healthcare organizations might pay you a slightly higher hourly rate if you have an MSN but it mi...
  5. pro-student

    CNS or Education?

    I think you want to be a CNS. Part of CNS practice includes staff development and education which sounds like what interests you more. CNS are often encouraged to maintain involvement in clinical practice too which helps make one a better educator. M...
  6. pro-student

    CNM/WHNP...why or why not?

    I think a dual WHNP/CNM would be redundant. Maybe someone else can weigh in but, as far as I know, there aren’t any benefits to doing both (not to mention the extra schooling, boards, and maintains two overlapping certifications/licenses). The FNP co...
  7. pro-student

    CNM/WHNP...why or why not?

    For the life of me, I don’t know why someone would do a dual CNM/WHNP. Literally the entire scope of practice for the WHNP is contained the CNM scope. I get that midwifery is often poorly understood even by many fellow healthcare providers who don’t ...
  8. pro-student

    Domestic Violence Screening

    I applaud your goals of providing holistic healthcare and trying to screen for IPV. Unfortunately, however, without resources and a plan in place for what you would do in the event someone says they are unsafe, you're not actual providing holistic ca...
  9. pro-student

    Best path to PMHNP?

    I wouldn’t worry too much about going into psych right away as a new grad if that’s what interests you. The advice that every nurse needs a couple years of med-surg is very outdated. Certainly it can be a great place to start but so can many other ar...
  10. pro-student

    DNP Research Project Ideas

    I think part of the idea of the DNP is for you to be translating the current research/evidence into practice guidelines not simply finding existing guidelines. In terms of a PICOT question, you probably want to just think through the letters with a e...
  11. pro-student

    BSN to DNP-FNP Writing Sample -need help editing

    I would cut the first 3 paragraphs entirely. While they tell some nice anecdotes about you, they do nothing to answer any of the prompts, and honestly sound like they were copied and pasted from a BSN application. They are specifically asking why you...
  12. pro-student

    Regis College DNP Nurse Educator Track 2021

    Most DNP programs that require around 1,000 hours are post-BSN programs training advanced practice nurses. Since typical NP programs include 500-650 clinical hours, another 400 would put the total at around 1,000. Since the DNP in Education would not...
  13. pro-student

    Post-Graduate Certificates?

    Whether or not your midwifery training was completed as part of your MSN, post-masters, or DNP wouldn’t matter to most employers. You shouldn’t have a problem enrolling in a post-masters after an MSN from. WGU but since you wouldn’t have a grade for ...
  14. pro-student

    Pulmonary NP

    Most MD-pulmonologists are also trained in critical care since there is such more overlap especially for inpatients. You might be able to get a job in an outpatient pulm clinic but, even there, it would be desirable to have acute care training. ...
  15. pro-student

    NP Preceptor Charging Fee

    For the individual NP, I think it’s fair. You’re asking them to devote a significant amount of time and effort meeting the requirements of your program, sharing their clinical knowledge, and mentoring you as an aspiring provider. They deserve to be c...