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  1. sandnnw

    Scope of practice in the emergency department

    Probably depends on the comfort level of each provider. I work along side a PA, we see the same thing and bounce off questions all the time. She was trained more surgically, I have been UCC/EM, so its a mixed bag. She generally asks more questions of me. There are plus/minus of each, depending on region. If you want more "hands on" I would suggest the PA route, but again, each school is different. I chose Adult NP, so there wasn't much EM in the curriculum. I had to do a lot of reading and observing, watch one, do one from my EM faculty/residents when first starting. It takes about 3-5 years to get comfortable, but there are still those days...
  2. sandnnw

    Need a medication convertion app.

  3. sandnnw

    CE for emergency department NPs

    ACEP/SEMPA - APP (Advanced Practice Provider Academy see you there!
  4. sandnnw

    NP Salary

    Just to piggyback, it does depend on where/how you work AND if you are a senior RN. In my case, there was very little salary increase, I'm figuring a few grand. Granted, my situation is a bit weird - I'm a fed. I was was a senior (near topped out) critical care nurse, +CEN, evening and weekend diff. I actually made more working weekend nights than as a NP now. Money isn't everything and the headaches are much different now. I went from doing and taking to examining and ordering. The politics are almost nil and I do not miss the charge nurse management role. I really think folks need to take some time to soul search before investing tens of thousands and countless hours toward advanced practice. I most certainly would not advise jumping for the cash, many will be disappointed. There are some benefits that outweigh a few more bucks (at least for me). I have a great schedule, super boss and sweet office arrangement. I have options galore to seek a doctorate and work with university faculty that are supportive. There are still "those" days, but I am happy and for this old nurse/NP, that's saying something!
  5. You will learn WHAT is important now, in 5" and in 15". Disgusting as it sounds, feces is not emergent, nor is charting and certainly not stewardess type services. Give it a few more weeks and model folks around you who have been there a few...you'll see! Bravo for your work.
  6. sandnnw

    How do you figure out which imaging type is best?

    This will help you: https://acsearch.acr.org/list I find it most helpful, the articles are very interesting reading! And, who better to trust than radiologists?
  7. sandnnw

    Experienced NP desiring VA job

    Make sure your peers respond quickly thru Vetpro
  8. sandnnw

    Working for the VA

    And it may take three to six months before fully on board. Be patient, good things come...
  9. sandnnw

    VA NPs malpractice coverage question

    I do not have coverage. I have been named in three suits and never asked for a deposition. I am threatened for liable several times per year, usually over narcotics or antibiotics. Oh how I LOVE being a NP! Especially a VA NP.
  10. sandnnw

    Experienced NP desiring VA job

    Lubbock, I think you'll be fine. As a VA NP myself, it really depends upon the market and you appear to have plenty of experience. I recently interviewed six NPs, 4 with tons of experience, 1 with a year and one new grad. You'd be shocked how folks "present" for an interview. Dress ranged from business to scrubs, some neat, some looked like they rolled out of bed. Resumes can be help or a curse, esp if you jumped from job to job over the last decade. We had 27 people apply for the jobs. The medical director cut it down to the six. It came down to three pretty easily, the new grad was in the final three, but experience won out. My medical director is a great fan of folks working to really want our positions and we could tell who was passionate and those who just sort of showed up with minimal prep. I'd look the part and practice behavorial interviewing. Make sure a few peers review your resume. The VA is a wonderful place to work!
  11. sandnnw

    What's your "must have" app?

    First Consult very handy as Medscape
  12. sandnnw

    Advanced Pathophys Textbook

    Checkout boundless.com, esp if you have a tablet or don't want to spend a ton.
  13. sandnnw

    Straight to FNP or work full-time first?

    This article was handed out to us during my first semester during grad school (VU) Rich ER. Does RN experience relate to NP clinical skills?Nurse Pract. 2005 Dec;30(12):53-6. After studying, observing and now living alongside the e/-e NPs...I don't see anything to worry about.
  14. sandnnw

    Would you do it over again?

    Either are fine, I've worked alongside a PA my entire NP career. I believe (my opinion only) that PAs are more surgically and broadly prepared for just about any job out of school. As Ivan noted, it's going to be a load to go thru a PA program vs NP school without much difference in pay after graduation. I'd look at your geographics and examine all options. I don't believe you can go wrong either way.
  15. sandnnw

    Can anyone recommend a good procedures book?

    Essential-Orthopaedics-Expert-Consult My FAVORITE currently reading on the bookshelf. The color images and expert information cannot be beat.