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I cant help but wonder if the nursing profession would benefit from lowering the number of hours worked in a day. I know that most nurses enjoy the extra days off by working 3 twelve hour shifts a week but those last few hours... Read More

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    I think it will depend on the preference of nurses. There are both pros and cons to the two schedules.
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    Quote from amygarside
    I think it will depend on the preference of nurses. There are both pros and cons to the two schedules.

    I agree. 8hrs shifts work for me now but 12hs shifts seem better for me when I start my family.
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    At the the last facility I worked at I was on a rehab unit and staff worked five 8s or two 12s+ two 8s. I worked the latter and it was horrible because I had to rotate day/night twice a week. I was exhausted, miserable, angry and I basically had no life. I couldn't even go back to school. Since then I have left and now I work casual doing LTC. Most of the shifts I get are 3-11, but I choose which days I want to work. I typically work 3-4 days a week, often doing one double shift. I like the flexibilitly I have in my schedule now and I don't feel worn out and taken advantage of. I will definetly be going shopping on Black Friday this year!
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    I work night shift and there is no way I would work 5 days a week!!!!! I would have no life and I would always be tired with not enough time to recover between shifts.
    At least for night shift I think 3 12's are ideal, especially if you can group them together and have 4 days off
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    High doses of B complex- like 4 of the B100's. Also, magnesium, B12, biotin, all help0 with feet and circulation, Arginine. My workplace is 60 miles away, I couldn't take care of home if I spent 5 days a week down there. I have animals and a farm. Two days of 12's are good for me.
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    I worked 8 hour shifts 5 nights a week while in school and I HATED it. I was one of those rare birds who liked 3-11. Now that I'm 12 hour shifts, I LOVE working the 3 nights a week. Working 5 days a week I felt like I was always at work. Plus I like being able to see things through on my shift. I'd imagine less mistakes would happen when you have the same person for 12 hours.
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    We had this debate at work recently. Most people were not in favour of 8 hour shifts. You have less time off, and 8 hour shifts are still tiring. Also, I'd much rather work an hour of overtime on a 12 hour shift, than an hour of overtime on 8 hours, knowing I'm back the next 4 days in a row.
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    I love my 12 hr shifts and don't think I could ever return to an 8 hr workday. Especially if it's Mon - Fri 7-3.

    The hours I do in 3 shifts of 12's takes someone 4.5 shifts doing 8's. I'll enjoy my extra 1.5 days off thank you very much.
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    Not only are the hours of the work day a consideration, but the commuting time, parking expense, fuel or other transportation, and even prep time to go to work are all hours and expenses that should be factored in.

    We all have to get up, shower, dress, drive (or walk or take transportation) to work, park, get there at least a few minutes early as a 'buffer', and return home at the end of the day. Depending on traffic and distance it could take an hour or two 'door to door' each way. So, that additional time easily adds 10 hours a week to the time burden of work. If you work three 12's it's only 6 hours a week... Same should be considered for wear-and-tear on your car, you fuel expenses, and your parking expenses.
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    I think 8s are bad for hospital RNs because of weekends and nights. Working 5 days in a week would be terrible with this type of schedule.

    that said, I'm really tired of 12s. The day is soooo long. and when you work more than one day in a row, all you have time for is to come home and sleep and then go right back to work.

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