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  1. I'm completely burned out on acute care nursing and need a change. I really want to leave my current job, but the thought of starting again in another department makes me cringe. And I don't want to be a "job hopper" (FYI I've had two jobs in the last 2/12 years) I wouldn't mind CM or maybe even home health, but I desperately want to get out of the hospital. The problem is I have less than 3 years experience, and this seems to be an issue with many job postings I see. Has anyone left acute care with less than 3 years experience? Was it easy to do? Do you find it a problem in your current job? Thanks!
  2. cantdoit

    Burned out and hate nursing

    Just wanted to say I agree with the OP. I'm completely burned out and need to get away from the bedside. I'm sick of 12s and working weekends. And the short staffing is getting out of control. I'm also burned out dealing with entitled patients and families and being a punching-bag for everyone. I actually want to get away from nursing altogether. I feel like it is a dead-end job (that may just be my perspective, but it seems like there is no upward mobility at all) I want to get away before it's too late.
  3. cantdoit

    Was your education worth it?

    No it wasn't.
  4. cantdoit

    Work related depression

    I can also relate. I feel totally hopeless and stuck in nursing. I'm depressed and exausted from this job... I just want to get out of nursing altogether, but the economy has stalled out. Sometimes I consider working as a waitress just to get away...
  5. cantdoit

    Regrets about Nursing?

    I completely regret becoming a nurse, and wouldn't do it again if I had the choice. If I could go back in time, I would have gotten a master's or become a PT.
  6. cantdoit

    The gross side of nursing..

    You get used to it for the most part.What I can't get past is the respiratory sounds.... Gagging/hacking etc. yuck!
  7. cantdoit

    RNs: How much vacation time do you get?

    I don't actually know for sure, but I can't seem to use it except for calling out because they are so strict with when/how we can use PTO.
  8. cantdoit

    What makes nursing stressful for you?

    *meds that
  9. cantdoit

    What makes nursing stressful for you?

    Constantly having more and more work, with less staffing and resourcesKilling yourself all day everyday to help people who don't show any appreciation and act like you're nothing more than a waitress.Being the "dumping ground" for other departments, and having to constantly beg people to do their jobs so you can do yours (ex: calling pharmacy 20 times for medtar that should have been in the cart hours ago)I could go on...
  10. hi nurses: I have been on here whining away about how tired I am, how I hate 12 hour shifts, how I'm crazy busy/stressed at work etc., etc. And then I thought today, maybe all of my complaining is just pointing out the bigger picture. Maybe I'm not meant to be a nurse at all? So many people go to school for degrees that they never end up working with. Maybe I'm no different? Is getting a BSN any different than another bachelors degree? Am I completely limited to healthcare/nursing forever? sorry this was a bit of a rant...
  11. cantdoit

    8hr vs. 12hr work days

    I think 8s are bad for hospital RNs because of weekends and nights. Working 5 days in a week would be terrible with this type of schedule. that said, I'm really tired of 12s. The day is soooo long. and when you work more than one day in a row, all you have time for is to come home and sleep and then go right back to work.
  12. I don't think you should feel bad about not wanting to work in a hospital any longer. You have a lot of experience, you can do a lot more.
  13. cantdoit

    what is your job like day to day?

    thanks for the info, and link to the other thread. I think I would really like home health, but am still undecided... how much acute care experience is needed to feel comfortable as a home health nurse? thanks.
  14. Just wondering what a day in the life of a home health nurse was like. I have been considering home health, as I like the increased autonomy and change of environment. What kind of skills do you need/perform often? How much experience did you have before going into home health? Do you feel more limited as a home health nurse? Where do you plan to go from here? thanks!
  15. I don't like having students follow me, but it's not their fault. I am just way too busy, and students (through no fault of their own) set me way back for the day. I might like having them if I worked on a slower paced unit though.
  16. cantdoit

    12 hr shifts and the single mom

    does your hospital have child care? I don't think this is too common, but I've heard that some do. Are there any other single parent nurses that you work with, where you could help each other out? maybe you could work clinic/office jobs? I dont know how much experience you have, but its worth applying. I hate working 12s. luckily I don't have kids yet, but I can't imagine how single parents do it. Best of luck to you!