8-vs-12 hour shifts?

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    I am looking to quickly and informally get an idea if Hospitals are working primarily 8 hr or 12 hr nursing shifts.
    Simply comment 8, 12 or Combo and your state.
    I appreciate all replies.

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  2. Poll: Nursing shift length at our facility is....

    • 8 hours (mostly)

      18.18% 2
    • 12 hours (mostly)

      27.27% 3
    • combo of 8s and 12s

      54.55% 6
    11 Votes
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    Almost all 12
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    8s in Massachusetts
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    12-hour shifts (6:00am-6:30pm and 6:00pm-6:30am) at a freestanding rehabilitation hospital in Texas. A sister facility in California utilizes 8-hour shifts.
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    It can differ from unit to unit. My hospital does all different kinds of shifts.
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    All 12s for RNs. 8s for PCTS and Clerks. I would suggest its all or nothing. Combo is difficult to manage.
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    VA we do 12s w 8s to get 80 hours of work in two weeks.
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    How would like a nurse on her 11th hour at work taking care of you with a heart attack?
    12 hour shifts are dangerous for the patients and bad on the health of the nurses. For those nurses that like it for the extra time off, they are thinking of themselves and not their patients. Nurses are not very bright as a group. I have heard it stated that we need 12 hour shifts because of a nursing shortage. Not very bright huh? Why not demand safe 8 hour shifts and get overtime for everything over 8 hours? 12 hour shifts are for loosers in every way.

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