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  1. ACN or clinical managers 12 hr shifts

    On a serious note I did work for an organization that allowed the Managers and Assistant Manager to do 4 10 hour shifts a week. One of you had to be there M-F and if you were off a day and something came up you had to be available. They knew we wer...
  2. ACN or clinical managers 12 hr shifts

    I used to work for HCA. They will say "sure, 12 hours M-F"...ok. Can you do weekends and holidays as well? By the way here are 3 more departments you can manage. haha kind of kidding.
  3. End of Year Reviews...finally done!

    We just started doing triannual coaching rather than monthly rounding and annual evaluations. Goal focused. More meaningful in my opinion.
  4. Primary care in urgent care

    We have recently changed our policy on this. We now triage patients before they are registered. If they classify as a level 2 or sometimes 3 we bring them immediately back. Also, if they present with something we cannot treat it is the expectation...
  5. transitioning from acute setting to ambulatory

    I transitioned from inpatient management to outpatient management about 6 months ago. I had never worked outpatient a day in my career but it was a good opportunity. I think the most important thing to consider for a bedside nurse is its not always ...
  6. Wound Care Camera

    I am curious what kind of camera you all use to take photos of wounds. I think we have all gotten spoiled by our high resolution iphone screens so the sony cyber shot we are used to using doesn't appear to produce great pictures. Does anyone have a...
  7. Wound Care Nurse Practitioner

    Just for follow up. I checked with my state board. There are no specific rules in my state that differentiate between what an NP does vs. a physician. As long as they are trained and competent they may provide the same service. Billing for servic...
  8. MSN in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership jobs

    that is a good point. It really does depend on the region. When I was working at an academic medical center many director level had DNP or were working on it...mainly because it was free to employees and academic medical centers often have better s...
  9. Urgent Care Qualifications

    thank you for your feedback. We typically only staff with LPN and QMA which limits some of our ability to do more advanced procedures in the clinic. I have been in urgent care for a short time, most of my background is inpatient so this is a new wor...
  10. MSN in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership jobs

    I think it depends what you are wanting to do in your career. I would like my options to be open outside of nursing if I ever choose to go that route. An MSN can be a business degree but the entire curriculum is around nursing. In combination with...
  11. Urgent Care Qualifications

    I am fairly new to the urgent care world. Do you currently work urgent care? If so, what certifications do you require? (example ACLS, NIH stroke, etc.)
  12. MSN in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership jobs

    I graduated with an MSN about 4 years after my BSN. It has opened a lot of doors for me professionally that I don't believe I would have been able to pursue if I hadn't completed the MSN. At least not so early in my career. The MSN program can be ...
  13. Wound Care Nurse Practitioner

    Hey all - I manage a small wound care center. Currently our staffing is all physician based and are looking at supplementing with a nurse practitioner or PA. Does anyone currently practice as an NP in a wound care specialty center? What credentials ...
  14. Young Nurse Considering Management

    Congratulations on advancing your career! I got into management after being a bedside nurse for about a year. My first role was an assistant nurse manager and I had the privilege of working alongside the bedside nurses about 75% of my shifts while s...
  15. You are quick to judge those of us who do work very hard and are stressed. Do I work the floor? not usually. No I do not like working the floor. When I do it prevents me from getting my other work done. I mostly do not like it because I do not feel a...