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    I'm going to assume you are talking about NCC, and I would say maternal-newborn is probably your best choice.
  2. diamond_girl

    Men in obstetrics

    We don't have any in my facility.
  3. diamond_girl

    RN Nursing Hourly Rate in Indiana

    Not sure where you are in Northern Indiana....but we start off at $25 in nwi.
  4. diamond_girl

    Time for endorsement?

    I know, I was surprised. I posted on here while waiting to get mine, and someone else commented & said they sent theirs a day before mine & their license was active a day before mine. So same timeline.
  5. diamond_girl

    Time for endorsement?

    I sent mine in April 7th, check was cashed May 2nd, & my license was active May 3rd. I did electronic fingerprints & mailed it USPS priority mail. That was this year.
  6. diamond_girl


    I'm in northern indiana. New grads start in our L&D at $25/hr.
  7. diamond_girl

    15 hour shift question, PLEASE HELP!!

    First of all, who was training you from 3-10? Whoever was training you should be the person responsible for staying. However, it is common to get mandated to stay in this line of work. Someone has to take care of the patients, so if your relief doesn't show up...then guess who's staying. So the issue isn't really about being forced to stay. The issue is that you should be on orientation & not really count as part of staffing right now. I would keep looking for a new job, and I would follow up with the manage about this happening.
  8. diamond_girl

    Breastfeeding education for RN?

    Thank you all for the responses!!! I'm going be to checking out all of your suggestions :)
  9. diamond_girl

    Breastfeeding education for RN?

    Hey all, I'm a relatively new RN working in l&d. I don't have any children myself, so when it comes to breastfeeding, I feel like my knowledge is limited. Does anyone have any suggestions for good educational resources? I'm looking to learn more so that I can answer more of the questions my moms ask me! I met with our lactation consultant, but let's just say, she might be suit for a different job. She was not very helpful. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks on advance!!
  10. diamond_girl

    How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

    I just checked the site again and it's active :)
  11. diamond_girl

    How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

    Not yet!
  12. diamond_girl

    How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

    My check was cashed today, so I'm assuming mine will be active soon!
  13. diamond_girl

    How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

    Any update? I'm going to try to call tomorrow.
  14. diamond_girl

    How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

    I just posted about this as well. I sent mine out the same day, and still haven't heard anything either. I sent it usps priority mail, so I know it got to their po box on that Wednesday. Let me know if you hear anything! & I will let you know as well!
  15. diamond_girl

    Il rn license endorsement

    Has anyone recently applied for IL license endorsement (have license in another state & then getting one in IL)? I sent mine with tracking so I can see when it arrived in Springfield, and it's been about 3 weeks. Anyone know how long these are taking right now? My check hasn't been cashed & I have not heard anything from them.
  16. I don't think you will get hired as a CNA when you graduate in a month. Why would they go through all the time to train you, when you would be leaving them in 2 months? I would start applying for nursing jobs. Also, most new grad programs are already interviewing and hiring. You might miss out if you wait. It takes time to get started working, and your job offer will be contingent upon you passing your boards. Another point, the job market is hard for new grads, so it might even be a couple of months before you get an offer! Hospitals are slow to get into, most usually only have orientation once a month. Plus, sometimes you have to go through a couple of interviews, then you have to do lots of paperwork, drug screen, TB tests, and whatever other things they require for new hires. It can take a couple weeks to get all that done. So, I would honestly get your nose in the books NOW for boards, and apply for RN jobs. They know you have to pass your boards before you can start working, but they will have all your stuff done & ready to go! My job actually had me shadow a nurse and start training before I passed my boards. And I'm guessing you would much rather be making that pay rate....