Breastfeeding education for RN?


Hey all,

I'm a relatively new RN working in l&d. I don't have any children myself, so when it comes to breastfeeding, I feel like my knowledge is limited. Does anyone have any suggestions for good educational resources? I'm looking to learn more so that I can answer more of the questions my moms ask me!

I met with our lactation consultant, but let's just say, she might be suit for a different job. She was not very helpful.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks on advance!!

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Read "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding." Make sure it's the latest edition.

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When I was a new LLL Leader, one thing that helped me TREMENDOUSLY was answering questions on breastfeeding message boards. I had my latest copy of the Leader's Answer Book (I'm pretty sure that's not the exact title) and every question I didn't know, I would look up. Pretty soon, I didn't have to look stuff up anymore. Turns out, most breastfeeding issues are the derivations of the same half dozen or so questions.

The thing is, in the inpatient setting, you see a very small subset of women, with a very small subset of issues. In L&D, the things you are going to need to focus on are latching, positioning (and various positions, such as sidelying, cross cradle football hold), how to assess that the baby is accessing the milk, how to properly pump. You are likely not going to have to deal with things like engorgment, mastitis, plugged ducts, etc.

Thank you all for the responses!!! I'm going be to checking out all of your suggestions :)

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I'm newly on the mother/baby unit and don't have children either and felt like you. I've learned (and continuing to learn) a lot of breastfeeding education and tips by listening to my coworkers when they provide teaching. Also my hospital provides us with a lactation course that includes precepting with a lactation consult.

I'll add the links provided by the PPs for resources too.