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I don't recall seeing a thread like this and it was something someone asked me so I thought I would throw it out there. What are your favorite types of patients?? Me, I love when I have Pre-Teen and Teen boys. I work well... Read More

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    I LOVE taking care of jolly old men who try to be gruff but they just can't hold onto it for long.

    I really love taking care of the little old ladies who never crack a smile, demand things, and speak rudely to you but you can read them like a book and know that they are truly joking with you. I have had a few of those ladies and everyone else hated them but not me.
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    These stories of our favorite type of pts, is why we are nurses! Each in our own specialty have our favorites. But being part of these people's recovery and wellness is why we do what we do.

    I do love the pleasantly confused, they are fun.
    I am a neuro nurse, so I do love stroke patients that are expected to herniate and die in the next 48 hours, go to rehab and make a full recovery.
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    Any patient whose family doesn't make my life a living hell. Also any patient that is not habitually seeking pain medicine by requesting that I do not sign it out or tell the oncoming nurse so they can have it twice in a few hours. Honestly I love the geriatrics, I just wish the staffing was better in LTC.
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    I love the elderly. I can really care for them holistically. I don't even mind them being confused, as long as they are not affressive with it.
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    I honestly enjoy working with new ostomy patients. It is so satisfying to see a
    patient that couldn't stand to look at the stoma right after surgery participate in
    their ostomy care with confidence at discharge. To me, an ostomy wafer/bag that
    keeps leaking and won't stay on is a trouble-shooting challenge that I don't mind
    at all.

    I think I missed my calling.....an ostomy nurse.
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    In PICU I liked the sedated intubated orphans....well, parents can be a challenge. I loved the critical kids because they get better so fast...something that would knock adults down for weeks, kids recover from in days!

    I also loved the Hospice patients. There was usually a serenity about them. They had come to accept the end of their life as we know it and were ready to move on. I never saw a "bad" reaction to a death from the patient...sometimes the families were upset, but even they were usually calm and collected.
    I also Loved Hospice.
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    Anyone with a GCS <5 and family that calls in from a great distance away.
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    The kind who take responsibility for their own health.
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    1. motivated acute SCI patients in rehab

    2. 'old ' SCI patients who know the drills and are expert patients - we can just concentrate on whatever brought them into hospital and have a good laugh

    3. critical patients becasue you can and do make the difference
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    Quote from I<3H2O

    I really love taking care of the little old ladies who never crack a smile, demand things, and speak rudely to you
    I had a little old lady like that on my last shift! She was so obnoxious, the CNAs didn't want to go in anymore. We started calling her "Miss Daisy". haha

    I usually like the little old men best.
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