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I don't recall seeing a thread like this and it was something someone asked me so I thought I would throw it out there. What are your favorite types of patients?? Me, I love when I have Pre-Teen and Teen boys. I work well... Read More

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    The ones that actually WANT to get better.

    People that enjoy being sick drive me CRAZY-er. I just don't relate, and I can smell their manipultion from a mile away.

    So those that get involved in their care, and help me help them get my "favorite" vote.

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    Live ones! I prefer them not trying to die on my shift! (if full code)
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    4-6 year old girls. I've got just the right amount of silly/informative in my voice and actions to calm them down, make them more comfortable, and establish a great rapport with them.
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    pleasantly confused little old guys and gals who dont try to jump out of bed, and are continent. They are always full of pleases, thank you's, and hugs! And when I get the time to give them a bed bath I usually get a reply of "I feel like a million dollars!" That really makes me happy that I made them feel better just by giving them some attention.
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    Wow,never thought about this before......I love the young men too. My kids are boys too. It is easy for me to give them my all. But I fantasize about surgery as well....."wow, look at the insides of us all!"....and also you get to see the emotional insides of the surgeons who have the burden of God.
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    Wow. Rapid response website. This is a great post. I hope the nurse who posted 'nurses' reads this. Everyone's responses make me proud to be an RN. So sweet! : )
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    Ok, this may sound strange, but sometimes I need a challenge to blow the cobwebs out of my brain. Highly manipulative patients pose problems that are very challenging. Containing the behavior for coworkers and loved ones can be very rewarding. I dislike psych because I don't want to do it every day.

    Otherwise, my favorite patients are the tough ol' rancher, farmers, and their wives. They are usually spunky, funny, and they seldomly ever complain. They are a real treat to take!
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    I'm usually pretty crazy about little old men, aged 85 and up. My dad would be near that age, and there's just something precious about them to me.
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    I admitted a little old lady (used to be LOL before that meant laughing ) who had been bit by a rattlesnake- old rancher lady, tough. She'd waited several days while her leg got worse, before coming to the ED, and admitted for wound care/antibiotics. When I was doing the admission, I asked her what happened to the snake....she had hobbled back to her house, got a shotgun, and blown the snake into a million pieces- gotta love that
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    Anybody see Steel Magnolias?
    I like the pts like Weeza. Gruff, cantankerous, argumentative, but with a heart of gold. They make me smile with their attempts to look mean.

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