What Becoming A Patient Taught Me About Being A Nurse - page 2

Anyone who works in nursing for any length of time has had this moment. Itís the moment where you have done everything, exhausted an extensive supply of interventions, and all the medically appropriate treatment has happened... Read More

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    Sending up a little prayer for you to get your own little miracle. The best things I've learned in the "real" world of nursing are all things that I have learned by being a patient or patient's family member. My experiences through labor/deliver/postpartum, a choleycystectomy, an ectopic pregnanany, my father's diagnosis of melanoma and then eventual metastasis to his brain have all given me some of the greatest experiences when it comes to understanding my patients.

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    This is a fairly old thread but I thank you for sharing. I so hope and pray that a baby is in your near future! When my hunny and I started dating he told me he may not be able to have kids. I didnt care, I was 19. Now that we are married and I am 25, and we have gone 18 unsuccessful months with no baby, reality is setting in. We are in denial. Finishing school and focusing on baby later. It hurts. Prayers for your and yours

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