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I work in a clinic with a strong emphasis on pain management. We currently have a waiting list over 300 people long. We get the usual calls, complaints, haranguing, etc. But what happened this weekend floored me. I was out... Read More

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    When I worked at the hospital, it never ceased to amaze me how self centered patients and their families could be. I could be ambulating a post op pt in the hall and have family ask me to get mom some ice water. And then stand there and glare at me when I say I will as
    soon as I'm done here. As if I should just deposit my ambulating pt in a chair and run to fetch the water.

    The weird thing is I think these people are perfectly sociable in the real world. There's something about being in a hospital that brings out the selfishness in patients and their visitors. I try to hold my tounge, but there was a few times I snapped back that all these order rooms are full of sick people too.

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