The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen - page 14

There are so many . . . . how to choose? There was the woman who'd had an aortic dissection repair, and things didn't go well. She had a perioperitive MI, a CVA and sepsis. All told, she was a... Read More

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    Come on over, we have SICU, PACU and very soon MICU openings. Also some in float pool.
    So where do you work, PMFB-RN?
    I actually have quite a few questions for you, but don't want to hijack the thread and your PM inbox is full.
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    I literally can't stop reading these horror stories. I'm in college now and a practicing CNA, this is really eye opening.
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    Unbelievable ...
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    I got another one. A POA of a now-frequent flyer who doesn't understand that POA only is in effect when the pt can't make her own decisions. Bed control and the charge nurses now know to not assign a double to the pt, even if she's in observation. Also, it must be a room on the "good side" of the hospital units where there is a nice view. That became clear by admission #2. The POA has a dog that follows him around with the leash dragging.

    I once accidentally stepped on the leash while the dog was walking and nearly choked him and almost tripped me. (Please see my opinion in another thread about why pets should not be allowed in the hospital. I HATE that new trend. With a passion.)

    Anyway, the pt was my admission one day. Private room with a view. Thought everything was good. Well, the private room with a view was at the end of the hall, which are just ever-so-slightly smaller than the other private rooms with a view.

    Yeah, you guessed it. The POA wanted a different room. A bigger one. Every single request the POA makes is for HIS convenience, not the patient's. He's turned into a monster. Even the docs (attendings/consults) are fed up with him. One of the nephrology consults stopped me in the hallway and said, "Who *IS* this guy?! He's insisting on dialysis where there is no indication for it!" I told him with a smirk, "Doc, I have no idea. He's no fun for the nurses, either. But this is a fight that is squarely within the medical scope. Have fun!" He replied, "Gee, thanks," as he made his way down the hallway.
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    Quote from barnstormin' Can't top that but I do remember the boyfriend who brought his post cath (4th one), morbidly obese girlfriend a bag of burger king food (supersized with fries of course) and a box of chicken wings.
    That is one way of killing someone without having anyone press charges against you
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    Quote from Stcroix
    We had a pt who was middle aged man with various complaints. He was from an eastern European country, spoke little English. No clear diagnosis, malaise, N&V, change in mental status that came and went. Female visitor who came every day, all day, constantly complained in poor English about the poor care, we didn't know what we were doing, what is that drug, what are you doing now, etc. After a few days she was caught giving the pt "some medicine" from her purse. It was some kind of herb concoction, not a pill. She was told politely but strongly that this would not be tolerated- of course she complained loudly, but we thought that was it. She was caught two more times (we figured she was dosing him regularly) and finally escorted out by security. She put up quite a fuss, but was barred from the hospital permanently. Slowly the pt got better- poisoning him? as far as I know, the police were never involved.
    Herbs may have their place in medicine, but it is fishy that he should get better after she was banned...just saying...
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