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KeepItRealRN has 28 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. KeepItRealRN

    Blindsided by Manager

    I have experience with HCA. When this happens you are in a no-win situation. Your manager wants you to quit and if you don't this is the beginning of the paper trail she will use to ultimately terminate you. I've seen it numerous times. If you love the unit you work on your only hope is that you last longer than the manager. In my experience managers at HCA facilities rarely last longer than 2 years. It is time to make a plan B if you don't have one.
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. A lot of new grads are too picky about what they are willing to do and where they are willing to live. The only new grad who can not find a job is one who is unwilling to relocate, unwilling to take any position but his or her "dream job", and wants to spend a maximum of a year or two doing it before going back to school. Yes, this scenario is possible but only for a very small %. The rest claim the school lied about the nursing shortage. The shortage is regional people, but it is expanding. If you live in the northeast and refuse to relocate, then yes the jobs are fewer. Leave the northeast and go anywhere else and the jobs are plentiful and in some places pay more than the northeast and have a lower cost of living
  3. KeepItRealRN

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    We always called it going out to check the weather.
  4. KeepItRealRN

    Five Networking Myths

    There is a lot of truth in that the best jobs are sometimes not listed, or listed simply because it is company policy. When I played music full time back in the day, networking was key to landing paying gigs. It is true that for every well-known pro musician that there are 1,000 more out there sitting on park benches who are just as good if not better. The difference is that the ones on the park benches are not known by people who can make a difference. When an opening comes up in a working band, especially one that works a lot and makes good money, rarely are there open auditions for that open spot. The truth is that a working band is far too busy to audition 10's of 100's of candidates to find the perfect match. Working bands rely on networking and word of mouth to find the musician who is the perfect fit. There is competition in the music world but there is also cooperation. So let's say that working band "Band X" who had gigs booked for the next 2 years, has a big following, and makes great money (for musicians that is ) has their guitar player quit and now needs to find a replacement. The chances are that Band X is well aware of other working guitar players out there and has a list of ones that have earned respect. Often the replacement is found in another working band that has not quite achieved the level of success as Band X. For a guy like this to be offered a job by Band X would be a huge boost to his or her career. Other times the replacement guitarist might be someone who the departing guitarist recommends especially if the departing guitarist is leaving on good terms. An example of never burning bridges. The same principle works in some areas of nursing. Say there is an opening in a highly desired area. The replacement candidate may well be someone who the hiring manager already knows, or even a recommendation from the nurse leaving that position. Rarely do they have a cattle call for awesome gigs. The reason being is that it is way too time-consuming and rarely yields the quality results as well as highly recommended candidates. Never under estimate the power of a personal recommendation.
  5. KeepItRealRN


    What is the name of your Channel?
  6. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    Thank you for answering my questions. And no I'm not judging you at all. Whether something is worth it or not is absolutely up to the person who made the decision. One thing I do want to point out though is that there are some grads out there who seem to be shocked when the bill comes due and it is half of their take home pay. People that is a lot of money. It is one thing to take on that amount of debt, be able to manage it, and feel like it was worth it, but an entirely different thing to whine, complain, and claim to be a victim when the bill comes in the mail. One common theme I read though is that nobody was aware of how much the payments would be when everything was said and done. I'm starting to think it is by design more than accident.
  7. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    Congratulations! You're doing it right.
  8. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    It is.
  9. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    If anyone ever questions your path have them watch this video ADN vs BSN, Let's Follow the Money
  10. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    If you have rich parents or a rich benefactor paying for it that's great. All of that is not worth going into hawk to the tune of hundreds of thousands for a Nursing degree. It may feel like it is at the time but sooner or later one has to pay the piper.
  11. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    I am curious what does a "prestigious" school offer that your average school does not? I am asking this in all sincerity. What do they provide to justify the added cost?
  12. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    Again I'm sure that big fiance had a lot to do with that policy.
  13. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    That is insane that at the age of 25 living on your own you are still considered a dependent for federal aid. My guess here is that the big fiancial corporations have lobbied the government to have this asinine policy put in place to make people dependent on them and thier loanshark terms.
  14. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    I never called you a fool or stupid. I simply was stating a fact that the payment on a 100k loan is about $1,000/month which is close to what an average new grad takes home every two weeks. I was simply stating a fact. No judgement here.
  15. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    100k in student loan debt pretty much wipes out one paycheck a month in take home pay as a hospital RN.
  16. KeepItRealRN

    Student Loan Debt

    A hearty round of applause for you. You will be happy with that choice.