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Yuck! Who does this? So my husband and I are on a long weekend in Taos, NM. Friday night we were at a local bar listening to a band. In walk a group of women in their mid-twenties. They appeared to... Read More

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    I agree wearing scrubs out of any facility is not hygienic. You cannot be sure what organisms you may have come in contact with and carried out on your scrubs. (c-diff is coming to mind)
    I can't WAIT to get mine straight into the washer with HOT water and bleach.

    As far as partying in scrubs... for a professional , it really does not look good.Yes.. we are allowed to loosen up and have a couple of drinks... but face it , we ARE held to a higher standard. (unfair as that is)
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    I can't even bring myself to stop for a gallon of milk in my scrubs after a rotation. I'm a bit of a germaphobe - not bad enough to keep me from doing the work, but enough that I use the heck out of the alcogel & soap, and change clothes IMMEDIATELY when I get home (usually a shower too). If I had the option with my house layout of coming in through the garage, my work shoes would never come in the house.

    I wish hospitals provided better facilities for staff to change on premises. I wouldn't want them supplying my scrubs because I'm picky about what brands I wear (I'm hard to fit) and I don't mind having a dedicated bag for taking them home to wash, but I've been in several facilities in the area for rotations, and only one had good changing areas with lockers for the nursing staff.
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    Wow, I NEVER knew I was in the minority here.

    I have gone out for liver rounds after a long 3-11 shift more times than I could count. I have gone to breakfast after midnights and had a beer (or two). Even when we wore white, we just didn't wear our caps , when we went out after work. I have gone to the grocery store in my scrubs on the way home to pick up something up for home. Trust me if I have been peed, pooped, bleed or puked on I have already changed into surgical scrubs before I left the hospital. I've even interviewed for a job after nights, in my scrubs because I didn't have time/energy to change due to one crisis or another.

    I know that my scrubs and the bottom of my shoes are cleaner than and shopping cart handle or bar stool.

    Just to think....I have been unprofessional all these years.......I had no idea..
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    I don't get covered in poo and pee on a regular basis. If we go out after work, I'm not going to drive home first then go out. And most of my patients have URIs not MDROs that spread via just about anything. Are you one of those people who strips in the garage when you get home?
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    Quote from MomRN0913
    ...What about the business man in his suit enjoying a corona after work? He doesn't get judged...
    Exactly how much would you care to wager on that one?

    So far, I've heard of it happening about half a dozen times at my various employers - and, witnessed it twice.

    The best one was, hmm, would've been in the early 90's. At the time I was a young computer operator at a firm that insisted on business attire for the DP staff, including dress shirts, ties, presentable slacks, etc. for the operators. Really "by the book" forward a bit...along came a Friday night & there was a company 'do at the local baseball game. The "real" suits got to use the box & us peons got the nosebleed seats. Anyhow - game was on, and one of my co-workers points out one of the managers, in his suit, with an adult beverage in hand. My nosy co-worker kept track of his actions, and...Monday morning, I got in at my usual oh-seven-bleary-eyed & got called over by one of the management - handed a cardboard box & told to go help clean out so & so's office. Seems that the CEO got a report from someone of one of the managers loosening up at the ball game, left an after-hours meeting, drove over to the field and witnessed said manager in action.

    So...Mr. "Life of the party" shows up at 7:55 a.m., apparently oblivious to the police cruiser in visitor parking :redlight: and the fact that the CEO's car was in "executive row" (which very rarely happened - CEO was a "9 to whenever" kind of person) :redlight::redlight:. CEO called him in to the conference room & closed the door. Nobody witnessed what happened next, but about 15 minutes later two of the local gendarmerie escorted the manager out of the building; manager looked white as a sheet; and a couple of the office staff took the boxes out to his car. Ta-ta, y'all!

    Technically, it wasn't an "after work" scenario - the other one that got nailed was as you described though; just wasn't as interesting a tale is all. Unprofessional behavior is unprofessional behavior, and the "suits" get nailed as well - it's just a little more low-key as to how it's handled.

    Far as me - I usually carry a couple of change of clothes (backup scrubs & street clothes) with me anyway. Being a CNA's not terribly clean to begin with, and for me it's not that big of a deal to change into casual street clothes at the end of a shift. But, that's just me - do as you like.

    ----- Dave
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    To each their own, but I sure wouldn't go to a bar in scrubs. I always change in the locker room at the end of the day. The only time I leave the hospital grounds in scrubs is if I'm going to hit a drive-thru and report back for duty.

    It just plain looks trashy as heck regardless of how clean they are. I won't leave my house in sweat pants for the same reason.
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    My personal preference is to change into street clothes when I get off work. I work in the ED, and we often don't even know what kinds of things we're being exposed to.

    However, I'm in agreement that hand hygeine is the single most important factor in infection control, and people outside the hospital walls aren't reliable about it, no matter what they're wearing.

    Heck, they've found MRSA on several North American beaches, and I doubt it came from someone wearing scrubs!
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    One thing you can be sure of: They weren't hussies looking to get hooked up that night.
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    This has been a huge deal for our facility lately. It has come down the pike numerous times something to the effect of "Thou shalt not weareth thy scrubs outsideth the worketh facility-eth." I'd bet that most facilities have such rules, but just not enforced. I, personally, chooseth to keepeth my jobeth!

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    I personally don't like to wear my scrubs out after work. I just yucky in them after work. If others want to do it, so what. To each its own.
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