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onc, M/S, hospice, nursing informatics
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mom4josh has 11 years experience and specializes in onc, M/S, hospice, nursing informatics.

Mom of one son, 20

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  1. mom4josh

    I need to interview a Nursing Informatics nurse

    My title is not Informatics, but I was an analyst for our Epic project (am now a manager for that team). I also work with Informatics nurses on a daily basis. If you would like to interview me, I'd be happy to assist! PM me.
  2. mom4josh

    Seeking NI Nurse to participate in Interview

    I'd be happy to participate if still needed. PM me.
  3. mom4josh

    Im a Systems Analyst need help in Epic

    What kind of help are you looking for? I'm certified in IP Clinical Documentation and Decision Support.
  4. mom4josh

    How to maintain my EPIC certification?

    You can find that information on Epic's website. I think it's also in their training companions.
  5. mom4josh

    HIPAA violation or just a bad decision?

    "If I only had a brain..."
  6. mom4josh

    Does a CNA have to wipe butts?

    I'm hoping you don't have children. Oh, and you have to wipe not only the butts with poop, but the poop you have to wipe off of YOURSELF when the patient throws it at you or explodes on your leg!
  7. mom4josh

    Socializing after work in your scrubs

    This has been a huge deal for our facility lately. It has come down the pike numerous times something to the effect of "Thou shalt not weareth thy scrubs outsideth the worketh facility-eth." I'd bet that most facilities have such rules, but just not enforced. I, personally, chooseth to keepeth my jobeth!
  8. mom4josh

    EPIC Application Coordinator

    Yay! I got a position with my hospital as an Application Coordinator! I will be learning EPIC (which means going to Wisconsin in the dead of winter) and will begin an 18 month journey to get our hospital up and running. So excited! Any tips or advice from anyone who has taken this path would be greatly appreciated.
  9. mom4josh

    What phrases do you use?

    I just got off the phone and made up a new one! SAD: Stupid A$$ Doctors! Grrr... Tell me again why THEY get paid the big bucks?
  10. mom4josh

    Copied documentation?

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I was having a bad day... :uhoh21:
  11. mom4josh

    Copied documentation?

    Grrr... so frustrated! I work with a social worker, and part of our job is to do initial consultations with potential hospice patients. I was checking some charting yesterday on a patient when we did a visit together, and I found a note in the computer from our social worker... exact wording as my note. It's so blatantly not hers, because she does not use capitalization or correct punctuation (and I do), and I almost always write pretty much the same blurb unless there is a problem or something out of the ordinary. It's just a short three-line note. But I am furious! It's the principle of it. I need advice. Should I confront her? Should I let it go? Anyone have anything like this happen? Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. mom4josh

    Don't you hate secrets?

    I am a very strong advocate for telling the entire family the truth. My own mother died when I was 22, and I had no idea it was serious enough to take her life. Nobody else seemed surprised, especially her physician. Sucked.
  13. mom4josh

    It shouldn't have happened this way....

    We have had similar situations in our hospital. These patients sometimes seem "forgotten" by nursing staff. "Oh, they're hospice," has been overheard more than a few times, like they somehow don't deserve the same caring attention if not more than other patients. Just yesterday I had to write up a nurse for leaving a heparin gtt running for 15+ hours after they went on hospice (meaning they had a new case number without the heparin on their profile), without PTTs having been drawn for >48 hours. Then, today, same patient, I found out that a "now" order wasn't given until four hours later (and it was charted "audible congestion" - wouldn't have happened if the med was given on time and at frequency of order). You wonder sometimes how some nurses keep their license for so long. Sorry this happened to your patient. Please make sure that management is made aware of this.
  14. mom4josh

    A co-worker peeve- VENT!

    I can relate. Deep breath... Hope you don't have to work tonight. Sounds like you could use a night or two off. Hang in there. Just think of it as ignorance. But, you definitely need to let management know about meeting times. There should be at least one opportunity either right before or after work to attend these.
  15. mom4josh

    Pinning up long hair

    Our policy simply states, "Hair must be worn in a way that prevents contamination and does not present a safety hazard." Seems rather non-specific to me. But I've noticed that this organization is quite lenient on some of their policies, yet very strict on others. There are some nursing staff who wear artificial nails, other office staff who wear thong-type shoes. I know it takes a lot to enforce, but if they stuck to the policies all the time it would not be an issue. Getting off my soapbox now...
  16. mom4josh

    Hospital policy?

    I understand that they must be given a choice. My concerns are when the case managers recommend another hospice or when another hospice solicits within the hospital. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.