*sigh*....In need of attitude adjustment!

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    I just have to vent a little bit here, sorry.

    I came back to work recently after being on a 2 month medical leave for a tibial stress fracture. They were kind enough to give me a little time to get reoriented before putting me in charge again (I did/do charge fairly frequently). This was my second night in charge and it was a doozy. I work 12 hour shifts and was in charge for the PM portion.

    I just felt like I had NO patience today. My patients didn't see that side of me, of course, but EVERYTHING that was going wrong was getting on my nerves. Add FIVE admissions to that, and I was ready to lose it (three from ER, one post op from another floor, one direct admit from a rural hospital that I STILL question the reason she came to us). The last one was a short stay patient (so, going home the same night) whose surgery had been bumped, so we didn't get her until after 10pm. She didn't belong on OUR floor, but we got her since the floor she should have gone to, according to my nursing supervisor, was "swamped." All I could think was, well, what would you call what WE are right now??!!

    I admit 100% that my attitude SUCKED tonite. I felt like I was pedaling as fast as I could on a bicycle and then the wheels fell off, but I had to keep going. Being in charge, I had my own assignment (which is the same size as anyone else's), but I still feel responsible for helping others get their things done and I didn't feel like I could help like I should have been, but I was busy too, just with my own patients! I also just was generally short-tempered and could NOT keep the complaints from coming out (I HATE that, too, I felt like a whiner but could not shut up!). It was just a bad night, and I feel like I made it worse by getting as stressed out as I did.

    I have the weekend off, and go back Monday. This is my vow to put my smile back on, and roll with the punches a whole lot better! I don't want to be *THAT nurse*, ya know?? (I would have despised working with me today, and that makes me sad). I hate it when the circumstances get the best of me.

    Thanks for letting me whine, one more time.....back to it Monday with a whole different attitude.
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    We've all been there. I hope you have the chance to refresh and recharge over the weekend.
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    Cherry, it happens to the best of us, and it sounds like you had a really difficult night.

    You probably did better than you feel you did, and didn't come across nearly as bad as you think you did.


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    Oh yes it brings back those memories. I remember many a night as charge nurse telling the over-house supervisor "you want me to do what?!?"

    I have to agree with Tait:You probably did better than you feel you did, and didn't come across nearly as bad as you think you did.


    Alway nice to find out it was not just me.
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    Don't be too hard on yourself. I think you had a fairly normal reaction to a chaotic and stressful environment. Importantly, you experienced an insightful "take away" from this situation: You recognized how you were responding, decided you did not like it, and made a plan to change in the future. What more could any of us do? I worry much more about those with no insight into their behavior.
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    That sounds like a terrible night!

    Relax and renew.

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    I hear ya I have those days when I am just totally not in the right mind set for work its like when everything goes bad its really really bad ! I had a week like that personal life and my work life was just terrible this week !!!!!! But life must go on and we all have valleys and peaks !!!!
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    whine all you want....we understand. I know I do. Will be going back to work in 2 weeks from the same type fracture and I KNOW the first few nights back will be h%**.
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    Deep long breaths
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    I had the same night last night! I am a new RN (talking 4 days off orientation) & when I walked in last night we had no LPN 2 pass meds & 2 transfers that I had no idea how 2 do!

    That set the tone for the whole shift & I was ****** all nite! Reflecting on my shift I feel so ashamd of myself that I let circumstances get 2 me. Tonight I'm going 2 do my best despite the circumstances & I'm having a good attitude no matter what

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