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  1. JDCitizen

    Amplified stethoscopes

    We shall see; ordered it yesterday.
  2. JDCitizen

    Amplified stethoscopes

    I am getting ready for another stethoscope. Amplified stethoscopes: Good, bad or indifferent? So how bad is it on your ears when knocked by accident?
  3. JDCitizen

    Nurses, MD's, LPN's & Nursing aides indicted for fraud!

    OK where is all the money? Will the time any of these folks serve equal up to more than the stole: I severly doubt it. They go to jail and we end up footing the bill for their care there also.
  4. JDCitizen

    Court backs sharia law for Muslim patriarch

    True.... But?!?!
  5. JDCitizen

    Court backs sharia law for Muslim patriarch

    This is why we have ethics panels, courts of law and some may add high health care costs...
  6. JDCitizen

    Nurses, MD's, LPN's & Nursing aides indicted for fraud!

    there is the briber, the bribed (the politicians) and then "we the people" that let the cycle continue. now with elections running into the millions and millions and millions of dollars the person or persons with the most money will be heard.... it's isn't just the insurance folks who are chewing through our healthcare monies.
  7. JDCitizen

    NPP news from the PA side of the aisle

    just another self important doctor write-up….. the question is it really of concern for the patient, market share, a mix or neither… i have two closing statements the self important doctor could have/should have included: as a patient you should never be embarrassed or hesitate to ask whether the person seeing you knows what he or she is doing and what they consider their obligation to you is…. as a patient you should never be embarrassed or hesitate to ask your provider: if you don’t know what is wrong or what you are doing are you smart enough to admit it and send me to someone that does?
  8. JDCitizen

    Try corrections or stay in school?

    School, school, school...... Your parents are right. I did a little college in my younger days and put it off; it was a good long while before I was able to get back in. Life can and very well will get in the way of going to school if you put it off. If your parents can and are able to help be thankful and take them up on it. Don't consider the year of waiting a waste put it to use part-time work, college core classes.... If you can't find part-time nursing work that won't interfere with school make school your total focus.
  9. JDCitizen

    Final days :-)

    The V.A.
  10. JDCitizen

    Final days :-)

    After years of non-supportive administration, budget cuts, staff cuts, no raises and now furloughs and institution closings: My last days working in corrections... nope my final days of working in prison are here.
  11. JDCitizen

    Fear of Zombies

    OK but where do you kick if its a girl zombie OK years ago it was late one night I was helping a nurse prepare her patient for the funeral home.... She must have bumped the bed because the deceased patients arm brushed my leg... Well I jumped she screamed and mother nature took over with both of us: Sometimes what the mind knows doesnt matter when fight or flight kicks in. I thought the ward clerk would die she was laughing so hard.
  12. JDCitizen

    A Few Choice Words......

    If your thoracic surgery group is like the one I was involved with you won't be a noob for long (and I mean that in a good way)..
  13. JDCitizen

    Men in L&D

    during my bsn program i had to change hospitals due to the male mds not wanting a male nurse in the room during delivery.... place i had worked for years as a medic than a nurse a nurse manager told me she would never allow a male nurse to work on her unit… needless to say upper management got wind of the statement and were very apologetic.. i had spent my early years delivering babies in the back of ambulances owned by this hospital as well as helping with deliveries in the er (sometimes in those days the doctors had to be called into the hospital and nature does not always wait)… during my msn program a ob/gyn (who was male) knew me and i did my practicum in his office/hospital with his nurse practitioner and mid-wives: i did full exams, iuds, and deliveries. i had some patients not want to see me and i had many that i thought wouldn’t want to see me that would let me see them. i was asked to consider working with them towards the end of my practicum. no rhyme or reason but yep life as a male nurse can be a trip and it’s not always the patients.
  14. JDCitizen

    Temp Firms a Magnet for Unfit Nurses (LA Times)

    reading this it isn’t only the agency folks that are slack or at fault. any hospital that allows people to care for patients without themselves taking the time to check credentials are as much at fault. this seems to be a board of nursing problem, hospital problem and an agency problem: generalized slackness?!?!
  15. JDCitizen

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Does EVERYONE just want a free ride?

    "what your not going to give me the samples of those little blue pills" yep like that was the most important part of the visit. i have seen the good and the bad of samples and truthfully a lot a patient’s believe they have the right to have them supplied. truthfully i have worked with a large amount of patients that those samples were a god send. gimme, gimme, gimme: sounds about right. it’s not all the drug rep’s fault; there is the doctor and the patient that also went merely down that path. only one doctor i know ever did the professional courtesy thing... it was much appreciated. as for the attitude of entitlement: i have seen/heard patients in the clinic that stated if i have to wait that long i’ll just go to the er. i have heard this same thing over and over the last 20 years. when something is gained at no cost and comes with rewards, of course, it will grow out of control.
  16. JDCitizen

    Civilian nurses taking AF jobs?

    this may have some merit but the military has for a long time been converting / farming out some jobs to the civilian sector. probably true but also could be the only way they can get the slots filled..... in the private world hospitals use agency because they have to not usually because they want to. i live near warner robins air force base and there is almost always something in the news about civilian jobs. i would believe though in lean times the civilian jobs would go up in smoke way quicker than those on active duty.