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I just have to vent a little bit here, sorry. I came back to work recently after being on a 2 month medical leave for a tibial stress fracture. They were kind enough to give me a little time to get reoriented before putting... Read More

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    Quote from SonicnurseRN
    I had the same night last night! I am a new RN (talking 4 days off orientation) & when I walked in last night we had no LPN 2 pass meds & 2 transfers that I had no idea how 2 do!

    That set the tone for the whole shift & I was ****** all nite! Reflecting on my shift I feel so ashamd of myself that I let circumstances get 2 me. Tonight I'm going 2 do my best despite the circumstances & I'm having a good attitude no matter what

    Thank you guys, I need to get that out, and it helps to know other people understand! My sis and I are close and I can vent to her a lot, but if you don't work it, you just can't know~

    Sonic~I'll do it if you will! Monday I'll have that smile back on my face and roll with absolutely everything. Hope you have a good night tonight!

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