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I still currently work in this small hospital but I am handling more difficult patients. Just last 2 weeks, I encountered this patient with a very irate family member. Her father was admitted had an operation done and was... Read More

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    I am sick of overbearing family members and they seem to be getting worse and worse.I even had the father of a 33 yr old women refuse to move himself from the chair that was butted up so tightly to the bed that I could not even get to the patient to restart the IV that no one else would even try. The jerk told me that he determined that I had enough room to do it. I was not going to be bullied..I know how much room I needed and since I was doing it I told him so. The patient needed an IV in her foot b/c she had a horrible compartment syndrome in both arms. The jerk still refused to I walked out and said I will not do it under these circumstances and he finally decided to get the h## out of my way. I do wish the hospitals were more supportive of nurses that have your perspective brainkandy87,but I believe it's going in the opposite direction.
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    I would have promptly told her that I am a nurse, and I don't give "service" I give "care" and her father is capable and enabling him to stay nonambulatory and not participating in his own activities of daily living would contribute to muscle wasting, loss of strength, and poorer outcomes in the long run. Then I would have turned around and walked out.

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