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    I am about to graduate with my BSN and I absolutely do not want to be a nurse that has patient contact. My second semester of nursing school I had an exposure at clinical and I have since been diagnosed with PTSD and OCD. I have been taking medication and I am currently going to therapy but I am absolutely terrified of anything relating touching people of any nursing tasks. I was wondering what I can do with my degree that would not entail touching people (preferably office work) with no experience. Thank you so much

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    Hi, there. I hope that your day is progressing well.

    Unfortunately, the office-type nursing jobs that involve absolutely no patient contact will almost universally require several years of hands-on patient care in a bedside nursing position. Most, if not all, nursing 'desk jobs' require that you do your time in the trenches and provide care to patients for a few years at the very least.

    In addition, your chances of finding a nursing job with no hands-on patient contact are very slim in this crappy economic climate. In fact, finding a nursing job with plenty of patient contact is elusive for many newly graduated nurses in this sluggish economy. I wish you the best of luck in your quest for career development.
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    You can work admin or for a pharmaceutical company. Telephone nursing. However, these positions are usually reserved for nurses who have at least 2 years of bedside care first. It will probably be very challenging for you to find a job if you expect minimal to no contact with people.
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    It's like working in a bank and refusing to touch money.
    I don't understand why you continued in the nursing field.
    To answer your question, there are management jobs, but most require some nursing experience. Coding?
    Good luck to you.
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    I'm sorry for your traumatic experience but it will be hard to get that type of job with 0 experience even as a BSN nurse.
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    Have you done OK with your clinicals? I have to think that you have because you likely couldn't graduate from nursing school without performing a minimum of patient care.

    Is it simply a matter of slowly increasing your exposure to patient care/contact? (and I don't say simply in an effort to minimize the issue - only to try to narrow down the issue) Does it seem possible to you to work your way into acceptable patient care/patient contact as long as you can accomplish that at a slower rate?
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    What is the world coming too. New nurses coming out of school and don't want to touch a patient? I hope this is a joke
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    This isn't serious, is it?

    How did you make it through the rest of school?

    Get a different career. My sister works in finance. She doesn't touch people
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    Like others stated, to get into a job that does not required touching people takes a few years of bedside experience. Good luck and keep us posted.
    New grads are having trouble with jobs, can't imagine looking for one with such high standards.
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    You could always try telephonic nursing, although that would require speaking into a head-set...(which someone else may have already touched).
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