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Hi everyone! What I'm looking for is the negative aspects of your nursing lives. I've reached a point at my current job where I'm entertaining the idea of going back to school for nursing (pre-reqs, actually :P). But I have a... Read More

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    Thank you to everyone for replying! It's nice to get a realistic view of what I'd be looking at. I think I'm going to take the advice of staying with my job for now and spending time with my family. Maybe I'll reevaluate things once my son starts school. I'll probably still peruse the forum to confirm my decision/live vicariously through your stories :P

    Thanks again!
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    Negative nursing stuff -

    being treated like crap by patients, physcians, fellow nurses
    tough schedule
    poor staffing
    being treated like a number, rather than a person
    management - did i mention that already?
    not having enough time to use the restroom and holding it in for 4 hours
    breaking other nurses and taking care of 4 icu patients or 8 tele patients which is against the mandated CA state laws but management doesn't care about that
    poor team work
    being treated like a maid or a waitress at times
    derogatory statements made by phsycians about nurses in general
    sexist view by patients, say i walk in the door i am ignored but let's say a man in a white coat walks in and the patient's eyes perk up and all the family stops and gives him his immediate attention...when he's the respiratory therapist but they think he's the doctor
    abusive patients, who whether it be verbal or phsycial abuse towards you, are really draining
    not having the time to care for your patient the way you want to
    sometimes acting like a secretary coordinating various things, this isn't my job
    you take the responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens, everything. if the lab messes up it's your fault, if someone forgot to do a test on your patient it's your fault. everything is the nurses fault. everything. that gets old.
    sometimes my fellow nurses really bother me to be honest. it's probably just the particular hospital I'm at, but I've been getting pretty annoyed by some of the nurses I work with lately.
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