I'm seeing a lot of unprofessional posting here related to venting about patients - page 2

Hi, I'm just a newbie here but I have to comment on what I'm seeing here. Specifically nurses sharing their stories of their interactions with difficult patients. Surely it is unprofessional to be sharing patient details?... Read More

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    I'm sure many vents here have been experienced by others, probably with amazingly similar details. Now, if a poster stated even their facility name and only a few details that could be problematic. But many times I read things that are similar to situations I've experienced and it's helpful to read the advice more experienced nurses contribute. The staff and administration here seem stealthy in being sure hipaa is followed. Let nurses vent.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but consider that you're not the arbiter of professionalism in the world, OP.
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    When i am outside of work, i refuse to "act like a nurse." im going to be ME outside of work. and ME is talking to people who understand. Nobody knows who i am. Who the hell knows, my name may not even be Jenni. Maybe i am a male nurse named Butch...how would you know??
    Oh wait, you don't know.
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    I think you'll find a lot more than venting going on in these forums. What may look like venting often turns into a discussion that facilitates learning. I have had many "aha" moments reading these threads that have helped me professionally, even if it's simply realizing that I'm not alone in what I'm going through at work. I concur with other replies. We are bound by Terms of Service and HIPAA - we are always obligated to protect our patient's privacy, whether we are on the clock or not.
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    Are you a nursing instructor??
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    Opinions are very subjective. If it was true that there was "a lot of unprofessional posting" as you claim, OP, moderators will intervene with warnings. Sometimes this happens, but not often before the post is closed. After you have worked as a nurse for awhile, you will realize why people come here to vent. People also use AN to share information, ask questions, and have fun.
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    I have to admit, I have figured out who three other posters are just by what they have posted and their user names. Knowing that if I recognized who these people were by their posts, I am very hesitant to post anything because I feel it would identify me and I like being anonymous. I do feel that most nurses here are aware of the boundaries and try to avoid identifying details. If I didn't have allnurses to read I'd go nuts.
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    I agree it's important to avoid revealing details about a case that could enable someone to identify a particular individual or facility. However, beyond that, everyone is free to avoid threads they don't approve of or enjoy.
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    If we can't vent on here, with people who are supposed to be other nurses, people who know what we go through day in and out, where else? Do we let it bottle up? Do we end up just exploding at patients/patient families/OUR families/doctors/administration/etc because we had no safe outlet to get rid of our frustration and seek advice on how to cope? We are human, and not venting in our very stressful situations could be disastrous, and I think the above mentioned outlets would be much worse than coming on AN.
    I concur that we are bound by HIPAA, and that the Admins on here do a pretty good job of censoring what needs to be censored. If you disagree, then I am sure they would be happy to receive your advice on how to get better.
    And to those who have identified people based on their profiles and posts: The only way I can think of that this would be possible is if these are people you already know. Like, say, work colleagues. And if you can tell who/what situation they are talking about from their posts, then you probably already are hearing about it in the workplace. Just my two cents.
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    Why don't you PM Brian and share your concerns with him? He makes the rules, and he has his reasons for those rules. If nothing else, he may give you tips on how to create your own message board so you can be pickier about what is posted.

    But, in the end, until one of the mods tells me I've posted something inappropriate (and yes, it's happened!), I'm not going to change what I've posted.

    And...I find it unprofessional to judge us without walking a mile in our mocassins.
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