I regret forever not going to medical school

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    I am posting this thread because I feel really depressed. Maybe I can say I might need comfort but I can honestly say I regret forever why I did not go to medical school.Let me tell you my story.

    I am already 28 years old. I am currently an LPN and I am in school for my RN.I had my Med surg clinical in the hospital and walked right in the middle of a code seeing a very familiar young doctor doing CPR. When I asked the nurse precepting me, I found out that doctor is my former classmate in high school.We both graduated high school in 2002. Now, 11 years later, I never felt so low in my life, I was looking down on myself regarding my status in life.Compared to her, at 28 years old, she was already a doctor and I am still stuck as a nursing student. I was so ashamed that I even tried to avoid her. I feel like my status in life is so low compared to her.

    Plus, add the fact that I always wanted to be a doctor all my life since I was a baby.But my mom told me why not just be a nurse first and when I have enough money saved, go to medical school.Also, add the fact that it took me almost 10 years before becoming an LPN due to some unforeseen life circumstances. Have I known that I will be in school this long, then I should have spent my $60,000 student loans on becoming a doctor(which is what I always wanted, which is my heart has always wanted.) instead of going through 10 years of nursing school.Dont get me wrong. I love taking care of people and being a nurse. But I've always been more interested in actually treating patients and more on the medical side than on the caring side.

    I am so jealous of my high school classmate. I feel once I get my RN, it is too late to go to medical school since by that time, I will be in my 30s, I am already married, I am already too old to go to medical school maybe my body might not have enough energy anymore to go through med school related to age plus I cannot add any more student loans to my $60,000 debt.I wanted to be a doctor so much I am willing to go to medical school in any country as long as somebody helps me become a doctor.Sorry for posting this but I guess I just need to vent how sad I am.To any nurses out there, do you think I have the right to feel this way?Is it really too late for me to go to med school once I get my RN in my 30s?Thank you.
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    If you truly want to be a physician then become one! Stop making excuses for why you can't and work towards that goal. Some of the best physicians I know were nurses first.
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    Why not become a Nurse Practitioner? It's just an extension of the educational track you're on now, rather than starting over. You can still have your own practice and its only a few additional years so the loans won't be nearly as expensive.
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    Think about it another way. Maybe there is another classmate who is looking at you wistfully. You have a "real job", you are in school for your RN and you are married. If you were at a high school reunion, you would have nobody saying that you didn't do anything with your life.
    There are lots of people wanting to be doctors, but only a few slots available for med school. Many of those people with med school dreams will eventually look for a Plan B if med school doesn't work out. Many become nurses.
    I hope you find some peace.
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    Quote from Mom To 4
    If you truly want to be a physician then become one! Stop making excuses for why you can't and work towards that goal. Some of the best physicians I know we're nurses first.
    THIS. or become a NP..,the only person blocking you from obtaining that goal will be YOU...it will be up to you.

    Life is too short to be unhappy...there are many roads to Rome, as someone once said to me.

    Sending you positive vibes in achieving your happiness.
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    If you want to be a physician then go for it! It is never too late. It is quite an investment of time from your current ed level, but that shouldn't stop you if it is your passion. Where there is a will there is a way.
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    I'm thinking some LPN's might take offense to saying your status in life is "so low". What is status anyway? Are you a good person, a good nurse, a good wife,etc? That's what matters.

    Also, that seems like a HUGE amount of loans. LPN school is usually one year, at least around here it is. And if you are already an LPN you should be on a faster track to RN. I am glad I got my ADN, and went to a technical 2 yr college!
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    My father was an RN who went to medical school in his 30s. People do it all the time. If that is what you really want, there is a way to do it. Best wishes!
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    Just go do it. Realize it is a lot different than nursing and the pre-reqs WILL humble you. Or you could stick with nursing and try for NP or CRNA like everyone else says. Midlevels gain ground every day...
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    Why not just go to medical school right now if that's what you really want? Take classes that are required for entrance, take your MCAT and apply. I see no reason to spend several more years becoming an RN if your intention is to be an MD.

    I looked at it the complete opposite way when I encountered people I went to school with who were MDs. Two years ago, one of my college friends got married. At her wedding, I encountered someone we graduated with who had just finished medical school and was beginning his surgical internship. And I thought "I've been working full-time for 4 years, have money, own a house, travel a ton and have a good schedule while this guy is just starting in the real world, working 80 hours a week for half my salary."
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