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I absolutley despise my job. I work as a nurse in a intermediate/telemetry type floor. We are in the process of moving to a new hospital, so we were a telemetry unit and we are splitting into telemetry/intermediate care. We will... Read More

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    Quote from Jenni811
    Are there any clinic nurses out there right now?? How is the clinic setting?
    I work in a community health clinic that focuses on TB. I don't love what I do but I'm much happier than when I was working med-surge full time. It's lower stress, better hours, and the patients are seriously so much nicer! I'll be here a good long while I believe.

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    yeah, thats when you bring her a box of "swabbies" and say "here you go!". I am a new nurse and this is the biggest complaint....feeling like a underpaid, glorified waitress. I set boundaries as much as possible with patients as professional as I can. I also do this with the family. Luckly it works 75-80% of the time. I explain they are not my only patient and I am only one nurse. I also start the shift off being friendly and building rapport, so dont get me wrong. Doing this helps ease the blow of setting healthy boundaries with patients. Like I said it works most of the time.......
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    Quote from A~L~B
    I work in the ICU. My favorite patients are sedated and on a vent. When they become able to use the call bell I'm ready to see them go. Most days I really like my job.
    Same here! Most days I really like it unless I have a pt that is hitting the "transfer light" q5min. I could never do med surg. OP look for a different unit maybe ICU or PACU if quitting isn't a possibility right now.
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    I hate when some goody two shoe decides oh my patient on a vent fentanyl and propofol is lucid enough to write notes. That is always awesome
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    I had to post on this!! I also work telemetry, have migraines manifest as vertigo, cannot stand family members and my job most days, and want to quit working to start a family. I thought I had posted this! Hahahaha. I just try to focus one that one cute little lady who thanks me for taking such good care of her and have a glass of wine here and there. Good luck to you, hang in there and let me know when you find a better job!
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    I also hate my job. I have been a nurse for 4 years in a med-surge floor. The constant stress and liability along with the micromanagement of charting are driving me too the point of just quitting. I do really like hands on care but there is not enough time to truly do patient care the way it should be done. My floor is the dumping ground for the alcoholics, drug addicts and the confused elderly. It is just to much and I too dread going into work every day. My co-workers are great though. I am thinking of giving home health a shot. At least I will be able to concentrate on one patient at a time.
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    I would take a job I hate over no job at all. I hope things get better though
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    So sorry OP. Hard to do have a job that makes it difficult to get out of bed. I would definitely be looking for something else. At the very least, you have a group of people you can vent to. Just another reason I love my PICU patients. The kids are easy to take care of, it's the families that can make it difficult. My "favorites" are the passive aggressive ones and the ones that stare at the monitor ("his HR went up one, down two, up 3. Now it's down another 2."), or the pumps, or the machines. I sometimes want to ask them what they are going to do when they jump up because they heard something ding or beep.
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    Welcome to the club! At least one nurse makes a post like this or says something about leaving the profession. I only have 3 yrs of experience and my last resort is home care. Honestly, I can't stand the hospitals anymore. I'm applying for my masters in the fall. If the homecare stint doesn't the work out (please pray that it will) I've decided to leave nursing at some point. I've decided that I am going to follow what I truly love, which is something creative like interior design. Life is short. The years, they just go so quickly. Why spend your life doing something that you hate?
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    Jenni811 your post made me laugh because they are so TRUE...you say like it really is! If you cannot get the heck out of there seriously try playing around with your schedule. Maybe work 2 shifts..take a day off and then work the third. I was doing three in a row and switched to 2 on...1 off....1 on schedule and it has made a huge difference. On my third day I noticed I was very short on patience and irritated with the more difficult patients. My first thought when there was a troublemaker was, "I am really not in the mood for this **** today." It was not the actual work that was annoying me it was the families and the PIA patients. I can deal with much better now since I changed my schedule although next week I have to do 3 in a row b/c there was noone else to do it!

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