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  1. this was me. I was almost done with my BA in psych when I decided I want to be a nurse. Thankfully I finished my psych degree and you wont believe how much its helped me after I got my ADN-RN. Ive even had people in interviews say a BA in psych isn't a BSN but they'll hire me because I have a bachelors and that psych is very helpful with nursing. I know for a fact I've gotten 2 job offers simply because I had it. Also while applying to get my BSN I only needed about 10 classes since most of my undergrad transferred.
  2. Sweet charm

    Sanford Fargo, ND

    How does everyone like Sanford so far? What are the interviews like?
  3. Sweet charm

    Current hourly wage LA area

    Nursing home 31 an hour plus bonuses
  4. Sweet charm

    Sanford Relocation Help!

    any updates? Im planning to interview with them soon
  5. I did but I wont be available that day! I'm so bummed out
  6. I hope so. Im starting a LTC job soon while applying for better positions.
  7. Sweet charm

    Off orientation--scared

    any more updates?
  8. Sweet charm

    How Picky Should I be with My First Job?!

    Why do you advise to stay away from nursing homes?
  9. Sweet charm

    Sanford, ND as a New Grad

    I am planning to interview with them as well and am wondering about the process too
  10. Sweet charm

    Fargo Apartments

    Im looking as well. Where are you from?
  11. I applied on Friday!
  12. Sweet charm

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the application after transcripts have been received?
  13. Sweet charm

    My NCLEX experience 2017

    I agree with Uworld being extremely helpful! I only used it for 2 weeks, did less than half the questions and passed first try with 75. Uworld is the best. Uworld was my only study information
  14. Sweet charm

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    I recommend uworld as well. However I did get "very high chance of passing" before I even started to review for the nclex. I only did half of uworld( netflix kept calling) and I passed in 75.
  15. Sweet charm

    Pearson "trick" 2017 NCLEX RN

    From your description it sounds like you didn't do the "trick" correctly. Once you put your card information in and click submit it takes you to a screen to confirm and then once you submit that you get the pop up.
  16. Sweet charm

    Took nclex RN today feeling defeated

    I took mine today too. It shut off at 75. I got the good popup though. Super anxious.