How to deal with the old/experienced nurses?!

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    I m a new RN on A med-surge floor and most of my co-workers are old nurses that have been on that floor for years! They don't seem to like me and i have NO idea why! I am a quiet person. I mean i like to socialize but I am not that loud person ( because I still feel a stranger to the floor). Anyways some of them ignore me if I ask a question, others yell at me for the smallest mistakes ( one yelled at me cause I didn't change the NS bag that was good for another 3hours and even tho I put a new bag in the room, she wanted it change) i am nice to them! I try to talk and use humour but most of them just give me the look and roll their eye!
    How should I treat them or deal with them?
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    You could just become an old/experienced nurse like they are.

    Then you'd have the same perspective and you'd see it from their end
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    Quote from mofomeat
    You could just become an old/experienced nurse like they are.

    Then you'd have the same perspective and you'd see it from their end
    They d always be more experienced than I am helpful answer! Tnx
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    Predicting the arrival of Ruby Vee in T minus 10....9.....8....7.....6.....5.....4......3.....2. .....
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    Kill them with kindness and try not to take it personal. No excuse but I work with older nurses everyday that are just burnt out. Sometimes nothing you do will be good enough.
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    Unfortunately some of the old guard (those who believe that eating your young and the only worthwhile lessons are taught through pain) are having a hard time leaving the field. What I'll say is remember this and don't make the same mistakes when you are in their position, and you will be one day. For the time being suck it up, you will get through it and learn what you can. RNewbie is right, kill them with kindness... and keep yourself sane. Don't let them get you down.
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    I think that some people are just not chatty and friendly at work. Some of my coworkers are that way. Find the ones that are friendly and use them to get connected to the unfriendly ones.
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    It is easier said than done, but give up wanting to be "liked" and work on the more doable polite, professional relationships.
    Always be polite and helpful while maintaining assertiveness and self-respect. Over time, if your coworkers are human, you get along better.
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    Just be yourself and do not let them get to you! I work in a PACU and there is only 10 of us that work in there. I am a 32 y/o male and the rest of them are females over 49. They are all burnt out and CRAZY!!! They complain and argue everyday. I'll tell you what I do. I ruffle feathers...I tease and get them all worked up lol. Then I sit back and laugh! I am not going to be miserable just because they are all miserable. I take the negative and use it to my advantage. Works for me anyhow.
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