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  1. Just got off active duty Army, veterans chime in !

    1) Yes, the VA hires LPNs... That being said the VA system is somewhat difficult to get into, so much so that I stopped bothering (both as an LPN and RN). Go to to look up VA jobs in your area 2) Army, 91C then 91WM6 (LPN) (ETS'd in 2006...
  2. I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. Generally I'll pick up 2 or 3 extra shifts/month for extra $$$$. To handle it I compartmentalize. I keep my work stuff at work and home stuff at home. What results is you absolutely develop a work family, wit...
  3. Wireless Printer Recommedation

    I'd suggest a WIRED network LASER printer. You don't have to worry about wireless configurations and you can plug it directly into your wireless router. With the laser option (as stated above) you get more pages/$. Also, if you have the money to p...
  4. Hey Murses.....Murse?

    I say own it
  5. "Thank you my *****" after starting an ultrasound IV on a sickle cell patient
  6. How to protect self from needles?

    Medication errors occur when when of these things occurs during drug administration: Wrong pt Wrong route Wrong time Wrong drug Wrong dose Now I'm unclear as to if you'd recapped the needle or not. If you were you may be written up for that, and yo...
  7. Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    LOL, yes.
  8. Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Jenni811 hit the nail on the head, it's about $$$. Shockingly, inexperienced nurses (those with 1-3 years of experience) are cheaper to hire than an experienced nurse. Additionally, those coming out of nursing school are typically young and attracti...
  9. Male RNs, What Areas of Nursing Are Looking for Them?

    I worked antepartum for a few months (assigned by the military, def not my choice) and that was pretty miserable. Currently work ER. I've also worked on a surgical floor and psych. You can find males just about everywhere except the above mentione...
  10. Will I get the hang of it?

    This will come with time, and you will likely not get a really good grasp of this until you are actually hired on at your first job. Part of it comes with knowing the routine of the floor that you are working on, and part of it comes with getting kn...
  11. I didnt do so good in highschool

    I failed several classes in high school and was very close to not graduating (had to take summer courses between my junior and senior year). I went into the military, was given some discipline that was sorely needed, pulled my s*** together, went ba...
  12. 6 Months in and Miserable

    Not a new nurse, but have had some experience with this on the other side... As a one time LPN my advice is to talk to the LPNs. There is nothing worse than coworkers who think they are superior than you. Make an effort to treat everyone as a human b...
  13. Not sure, but I think I would call that a 3 lead in Maryland...
  14. CA BVNPT Enforcement delays, how long was your wait?

    The BVNPT is a bad joke. They are traditionally the slowest board to send out license information to requesting agencies when I file for reciprocity in other states. They also sat on my (and the other California resident's) application for 6 months p...
  15. RN to BSN w/o Microbiology or Chemistry?