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DeBerham has 12 years experience and specializes in RN-BC, ONC, CEN... I've been around.

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  1. DeBerham

    Just got off active duty Army, veterans chime in !

    1) Yes, the VA hires LPNs... That being said the VA system is somewhat difficult to get into, so much so that I stopped bothering (both as an LPN and RN). Go to usajobs.gov to look up VA jobs in your area 2) Army, 91C then 91WM6 (LPN) (ETS'd in 2006) 3) Couldn't tell you, my LPN course was AIT 4) I got my LPN because I didn't know what I wanted and my recruiter made it sound pretty cool, but it turns out that I really enjoy the this work. After being an LPN for 8 years I went back to school for my BSN because there is such a narrow difference between the two licenses but a significant pay increase. Now I am working on my MSN as a FNP. I would SERIOUSLY consider skipping the LPN and going right for your BSN, especially if you want to do flight nursing or the ICU...
  2. I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. Generally I'll pick up 2 or 3 extra shifts/month for extra $$$$. To handle it I compartmentalize. I keep my work stuff at work and home stuff at home. What results is you absolutely develop a work family, with all of the associated personality quirks and dysfunction. The ER is an interesting area because you see A LOT of self diagnosis which I think certainly contributes to the "apathy" and "rude" impression that may be given. You're in the ER for N/V but demanding to have your chinese food.... let me get right on that. There is also the time management issue to deal with. We exist to get you stabilized and either up to the floor or out the door. We're not there to hang out with you. We need specific information and when that is not given in a direct manner I may begin to direct the conversation so I can find out what I need.
  3. DeBerham

    Wireless Printer Recommedation

    I'd suggest a WIRED network LASER printer. You don't have to worry about wireless configurations and you can plug it directly into your wireless router. With the laser option (as stated above) you get more pages/$. Also, if you have the money to pay up front you might look at business class printers vs consumer. Long term they tend to last longer and the ink is cheaper.
  4. "Thank you my *****" after starting an ultrasound IV on a sickle cell patient
  5. DeBerham

    How to protect self from needles?

    Medication errors occur when when of these things occurs during drug administration: Wrong pt Wrong route Wrong time Wrong drug Wrong dose Now I'm unclear as to if you'd recapped the needle or not. If you were you may be written up for that, and you should regardless of if you were injured or not. Still, that's not a medication error by any stretch of the imagination. Protocols are in place for a reason and there is no reason to ever recap a used needle. As I interpret it though you were throwing away the needle and the cap when you accidentally got stuck. If that's the case your shift supervisor is an idiot and suggesting that people get written up for an accidental on the job injury is asinine. These things happen, and you cannot realistically remove all risk from this job. Her type of attitude only serves to not have staff report these types of injuries, and if a lawsuit comes down from an employee who gets sick because they feared that they would be fired if they reported this type of injury your facility will be paying through the nose in court. I PROMISE you, odds are that anyone who has been a nurse for any length of time HAS been stuck. I stuck myself once several years ago... it sucks, got checked and moved on. If you get written up for it, file the incident away as a thing to be careful about. I would also seriously consider moving to another floor/hospital as this type of attitude is dangerous.

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