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Do you guys ever feel like the families and sometimes patients treat you like u are the waitress? Or like they are ur only patient? It really irritated me today.... Read More

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    Very often, I feel like a servant, but I don't mind... most of the time. I feel that I'm there to meet my patients' needs, and if I can meet the families' needs at the same time, that's great. When I interact with the patients, I'm so grateful that I can eat, sleep, pee, and poop----many of them can't, and many of them do rely on us to meet some of their most basic needs. Sometimes I'm grateful that I can do something for them in addition to just handing them meds and assessing them for our copious nursing notes. It's a way of giving of myself, and what an honor!
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    I have found it easier to just do it. if not busy just get them their (visitor) drinks to shut themup. but if i am busy with suctioning a trach visitors should and will wait for chairs!!! ( see one of my early threads!) wish i would have told them off
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    One thing I do is to establish myself as an authority figure. If I have a problem patient/resident I wear my scope around my neck as I enter their room. After I enter I immediately pop that thing in my ears, place it on the chest and tell the patient, "hush". I then pull out my little pad, write something down and then smile and carry on with whatever duties I'm in there for. It doesn't always work but, for the majority it does. Before I leave I always try to ask if there is anything else I can do for them while I'm there. I try to avoid asking if I can get them something because that plants the idea in their head that, "Ooh, maybe I do want a Coke". These two tactics seem to reduce a lot of the "Master, servant" attitude.
    As a caveat, I don't look like a typical nurse. I would more resemble someone who's riding his Harley into Sturgis come August. And as I've stated before, it's not the real me but, I use it to my advantage.
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    geez I look like Frau Blucher but somehow that doesnt seem to help much
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    I love massage, but I don't know how.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!
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    You think that is a common experience on the hospital floor? Try home health! heh heh
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    yeah but home health you're not stuck with them for 12 hours straight, are you?
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    Quote from M/B-RN
    Yes, I'm constantly fetching snacks and water even though the majority of my patients are ambulatory.
    Maybe you could show them where the kitchen is and tell them walking is what the doctor wants them to do.
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    I always tell my family that nursing is a service job.
    I recognized that years ago.
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