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I don't think a shift goes by where I don't shake my head and think "what is wrong with people??" Here are some gems I've heard recently from patients' families: While I'm meeting/vitaling a new ED pt, pt's 50-something... Read More

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    Thanks for the laughs so early in the morning, great way to start the day LOL

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    The scary thing is, more kids are being raised with an attitude of entitlement - this kind of behavior is only going to increase and get worse.
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    I hate how people refer to the person the are visiting as "they" What room are they in? WHO THE **** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! I have 21 people in here with people coming and going all the time and you expect me to know who they is?

    I love the helicopter family members though. Oh alarm dinged. Page nurse. Oh he moved, page nurse. He farted, page nurse. He had a breath, page nurse. Love those people.
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    Quote from bezany
    My favorite of all time is: if the doctor doesnt come to see me right now, I am leaving! I want to say "do you promise?" But what I actually do is grab the AMA form. LOL
    We had one like this recently. The MD refused to order IV pain meds, and the pt refused the PO ones that had been ordered (pt was a FF who was very well known to the hospital and the admitting doc). Left AMA screaming that he would go to "the other hospital" that gives the meds he needs. Well, I work for a hospital system, so this genius, instead of going to another hospital that doesn't have access to the records from our hospital, he goes to one of our sister hospitals, where they can immediately see his admission and dc notes from our hospital. So, yeah, he wasn't very successful over there, either.
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    I love it when people come up to my floor and ask, "Hey nurse (well, at least you got that part right), where's Boo-boo at?"
    Me: "Uh....who?"
    Them: "Boo-boo. Where's she?"
    Me: "Does Boo-boo go by another name, by chance?"
    Them: "Oh, uh....Mary Jane Smith."
    Honestly, people! I don't know who Boo-boo is!!! And it happens all the freaking time!

    I also LOVE it when people carry on about how 'nasty' breastfeeding is when it's time to feed baby. It is so tempting sometimes to tell them that they are free to leave so they don't have to see all that 'nastiness'. What I actually tell them is that breastfeeding gives baby antibodies that protect him/her from all the nasty bugs we carry on our hands, phones, hair, and purses. They don't really know what to say after that.
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    decades ago and far away: patient in end stage renal failure, respiratory failure and heart failure admitted to the icu of the tertiary medical center so we can create a miracle and save him. wife at bedside moaning and screeching about how much she loves him, and he cannot be allowed to die because she loves him so much. family conference first thing in the morning during which renal, pulmonary and cardiology services tell patient and spouse there is nothing we can do for him; advise making him comfortable and getting his affairs in order. wife demands to speak to cardiac surgeon and somehow manages to see dr. imthenorthendofasouthboundmaledonkey.

    dr. imthenorthendofasouthboundmaledonkey decides to operate -- i don't even remember what the surgery was. it was guaranteed to accomplish nothing but a long icu stay followed by a painful death. surgery is long, bloody and ultimately not even dr. imthenorthendofasouthboundmaledonkey can claim any measure of success . . . and believe me, the man can make a success out of almost anything. patient arrives from the or, bleeding measured in pleurevacs per hour and finally dies. after all is said in done, wife parks herself in room next to the body and begins praying for a miracle. hours pass, wife prays louder. finally, charge nurse, priest and cardiology resident go into room to talk to her (because dr. imthenorthendofasouthboundmaledonkey went home) and gently try to pry her loose from the bedside. wife flings herself over the body and the none-too-stable sternum gives way. screeching and moaning ensues, along with accusations that we "killed her precious husband." attempts to pry her from the bedside result in her absolute insistence that jesus will save him and she's going to sit right there until he does.

    nurse manager nixes the idea of involving security because it would be bad customer service. some poor bloke had to sit in the or following his surgery until the next afternoon before we could get the wife out of the room, although i have no idea why dr. imthenorthendofasouthboundmaledonkey would have taken him to the or and opened him up in the first place given that until we got precious husband's room turned over, there was no place to put him in the icu.
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    Just the other day I had a visitor say she had a couple of questions. Then she stated 'Telephone calls'...I was like - you need to make one, your loved one wants to make one???Twenty questions later I determine that her loved one wants to make a long distance call. I explain how to her.Next - she states "New York Times" - good grief. This is LTC but this is a short term rehab patient from our outside community. So could be she wants it delivered, wants to buy it, etc. Turns out a friend usually gives her their paper every day. On her own this visitor decides she'll drop it off to her every day while she is here. But only after 10 minutes of questions from me to figure our what she means.You wonder what goes on their heads some times.
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    another admitted for huge pulmonary issue...can't breathe.....but family wants pt to eat and is demanding to see the nurse manager to complain about the pt not eating...Mmmmm < eating vs. breathing >....Ok go ahead and eat and then your family member can go to the ICU in tubated
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    In L&D you can't imagine what I've heard family members/friends say. There is one that always gets me though. They're not talking to me, but I can picture myself tying the efm cords around their necks lol.

    A mom is laboring naturally, feeling every ctx, and breathing through them. And then it never fails--someone sits in front of the monitor and everytime a ctx is about to come they get all excited and say "oh, no....this is gonna be a big one!" Over and over. Really?? Is this helping?? lol Sooo irritating and idiotic.
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    Quote from geminiRNC
    , but I can picture myself tying the efm cords around their necks lol.
    this just gave me a fantabulous mental picture for my evening in L&D!
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