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  1. MelissaLPN

    What does an RN supervisor do?

    I guess I misrepresented her role. When our floor RN stopped working, they fell below their mandate for an RN 8hrs per every day rule. All of the jobs you guys are mentioning are done by other staff members ( DON, ADON, MDS team, unit supervisors). All I know is when the only RN staff nurse quit, they couldn't find an RN to work the floor but needed to have one in the building. Thus they created the " RN supervisor" position. I guess I am not really sure what kind of response I was looking for. It is frustrating to feel like the staff has such little support, the supervisors dont even give a damn. Its depressing to want to do a good job and everyone acts like they just punch a clock. Maybe its because I am new, maybe in a few years I wont give a damn either.
  2. MelissaLPN

    Hourly rounding logs

    I would think that would be effective only if the staff/pt ratio would allow for that. Otherwise you simply have another box that a nurse/cna must fill in, to "prove" good care. I am sure the study was based on ratio's that would allow for hourly rounding to occur. I know if this were put in place at my facility it would be another thing to sign but in reality it just puts more blame on the nurse. It doesn't force the facility to make this possible. It would turn into a legal high ground for your facility to insist you must perform a task for which it is impossible. This is the essence of long term care.
  3. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    As for the hep b vaccine, its a personal choice but for myself, I did it because the odds of coming across the virus is very likely in the hospital and it can live on dry surfaces for months! You need your liver, seriously. As for the shoes I heard that a little gray was ok from a previous student. I found some white shoes at payless for under $30 dollars! They were comfortable and somewhat cute ( very cute in comparison to the other white shoes out there).
  4. MelissaLPN

    Low sodium blood levels

    hyponatriemia should result in the release of aldosterone to keep na. This should lead to concentrating blood to equalize sodium levels. This should cause decrease blood volume= lower bp.
  5. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    I will be working working approximately 24 hours per week while in school and then full time in the summers and on Christmas break. I have friends who are graduating from gtc nursing and they all worked ( at least part time). I have a friend who is finishing her first year and she has worked 36 hr/wk. She said its hard but she is holding her own. I think our next move is a meeting right? I am sure they are going to wait until after May 15th ( the deadline to reply) and then we will all meet up, at least that is what I remember hearing. Does anyone know?
  6. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    Thanks miss_impatient. I wonder how much of that 3,000 dollars for books and materials will need to be purchased in the first semester? I am hoping it is pretty evenly divided between the four semesters. Hopefully the second year students will sell us what ever they can. ( I know they said some of the books are being changed, but hopefully some things may be the same).
  7. MelissaLPN

    100% on my exam and it wasn't exciting... :(

    I have had something similar happen to me. In nursing school my teacher commented on my good grades and asked what I did to study, I explained all the resources and even showed her in my bag how I had tons of review books, she was very quiet but said " oh, well it shows." and left it at that. I think she thought she had me pegged as a cheater. On the other hand in HS I remember working my butt off on a paper and when I asked my teacher for feed back, she said " I don't think you wrote it." and walked away. She never made any formal complaint but that comment hurt to this day, 9 years later. Just let it go and know that you are smart and you don't need their approval. You can ace their dumb tests.
  8. MelissaLPN

    Younger Nursing Students

    I was the youngest person in my nursing class by at least 10 years. ( I was 22 and everyone else was in their late 30's to late 40's some even in their 50's). I really enjoyed having older fellow students because they had a lot of wisdom to give me. I am also a parent so my thinking/lifestyle was not that of a " younger" person. I made dinner every night and watched arthur/ dora the explorer! I think if you go in there hoping to learn from you fellow students, I believe it can be a very valuable experience for you.
  9. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clpty:
  10. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    btw if you cant tell I am up and checking my computer before I take my daughter to school
  11. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    You do not need to get vaccines redone. While immunity wears out after time, as long as you are up to date with the recommended vaccine course ( Ie 3 doses of heb b.) you should be fine. I just had a titer done for all three and my immunity is very strong against all of them.
  12. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    If its anything like other nursing programs I am assuming you need MMR, chickenpox,( or titers) hep b. tb skin test, and tetanus.
  13. MelissaLPN

    gaining weight in nursing school

    I gained 20 lbs in LPN school and that was only one year !!! I have recently lost 55 lbs and am about to start RN school. I am going to make sure that does not happen again.
  14. MelissaLPN

    GTC 2011?

    So we wait until Monday. Does anyone know when they will send us the list of things we need?
  15. MelissaLPN

    Electronic MAR?

    We are about to get an Electronic MAR. Does anyone have any insight or experience with them? We were told that if our medications are not given on time, the cart will lock. My personal belief is that the medications can not, and will not be given with in the two hour window. Do they reduce patient/nurse ratio's? Thanks guys.