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  1. Fins Up!

    Family Members and their pearls of wisdom...

    another fav.....pt admitted for huge pulmonary issue...can't breathe.....but family wants pt to eat and is demanding to see the nurse manager to complain about the pt not eating...Mmmmm ....Ok go ahead and eat and then your family member can go to the ICU in tubated
  2. Fins Up!

    Advice: Profile or Not?

    traumaRUs could you post the link to the literature about the profiles. "latest literature proves that when you use a profile, you are stressing the heart too much". thanks!
  3. Fins Up!

    How do you handle this?

    absolutely document document document! I know that for one particular doc the police have been called to wake him up at his house....but he is the one on call....no matter how angry he becomes. This has happened to often for this particular doc.
  4. Fins Up!

    Are any of you loyal?

    Old Goat....your comments are right on the money....sadly. I know this is off the subject, but I found stress relief to be getting out of Dodge at least once a month to try/learn new things beside healthcare related topics. It just free's my mind....or at least helps decompress the stress.
  5. Fins Up!

    What would you do?

    Assess, assess, assess You could always check her blood glucose at each meal and at bedtime in order to get a baseline where her blood glucose numbers run, but don't forget to monitor her intake and what she is or isn't eating. Always remember your facilities hypoglycemic protocol and implement if needed.
  6. Fins Up!

    Nurse Kept my Great Grandfathers wedding Ring

    Unacceptable. The nurse should not even consider taking the ring. The only way to accept a gift is if everyone who is working in the unit can receive the same gift....For example, Pizza, if a resident wants to buy pizza for everyone for appreciation that would be OK.
  7. Just took care of a JW recently, but add on a sickle-cell crisis, Hgb 4.4, and pain. Hydration IV, pain meds, O2, and reposition to keep comfortable. Of course I had to ask if she ever received a transfusion. She replied once when she was pregnant and she stated she felt like something entered her body to change her attitude and made her feel weird.....probably better because she could breath! To each their own beliefs.
  8. Fins Up!

    What does your username mean?

    Fins Up! I love Jimmy Buffett and his music. Fins Up! is meant to remind me that I am swimming (working) with sharks at times.
  9. Fins Up!

    Check Hb post-transfusion?

    thanks zookeeper3
  10. Fins Up!

    Check Hb post-transfusion?

    Just adding to the discussion of PRBC's transfusions......how many of you give lasix between units if giving more than one unit of PRBC's? Just curious, had a patient go into overload when I gave 2 units PRBC's but no orders for lasix inbetween...lesson learned to ask for lasix if appropriate or just ask. (Of course had to do the protocol for transfusion reaction, considering the symptoms that occurred.)
  11. Fins Up!

    How long have you seen codes last?

    First of all, the doctors are not the ones calling the code because they are usually not in the room. The nurses, PCT's are the ones I've usually seen calling the code. While the code is in progress the doctor arrives to intervene and gives orders maybe not in a code algorithm. The codes I've been involved with usually last max 1 1/2 hr, but there are cases where coding the patient goes on for hours. How I feel about coding a patient depends the patient's quality of life that pt will have after the code. I'm at a place where codes weigh heavy on my heart and I really hate being involved in a code if I have taken care of the patient. I know God has a plan for each of us, and having a relationship with Him gets me through tough times of the healthcare business.
  12. Fins Up!

    Online RN-BSN Program

    I've known several RN's to finish this program and they all have good things to say, which is why I enrolled. I choose to attend class once a week for 4 hours per week, and feel that interaction between RN's is more rewarding than online. IWU is a very friendly place and helpful to RN's in the adult-n-graduate programs.
  13. Fins Up!

    Sinclair CC Wait List

    I was on the wait list for 2 years, got my pre-req's done during this time.
  14. Fins Up!

    Online RN-BSN Program

    Indiana Wesleyan University. You can do everything online.
  15. Fins Up!

    Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

    Like the photocopy idea for md's signature for a reference.
  16. Does anyone know when Mark Klimek will be giving an NCLEX review? I heard in November, but unable to get details. If you have details please post, I want to sign up and go. Heard his reviews are awesome awesome awesome! Thanks! :wink2: