Ever had a Dr. mad at you?

  1. How do you deal with it. At work this week, it was overwhelming crazy. I got a pt right after I took one pt to the unit. At my hospital, we are using computer charting and get orders on the computer as well. Some doctors still write orders in the chart as well. Well I didn't even realize I needed to initiate any orders on my pt all day and the doctor came up and was livid, called my boss, and everything. My boss wasn't mad, she just told me to go apologize and learn from it. I cried all the way home.

    Anyone have similiar experiences you want to share with me?
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  3. by   AlphaPig
    Happens all of the time - just apologize and move on. Try not to take it personally - as you get more experience, it will get easier. I have also forgotten to initiate orders and after it happened that one time, I never forgot again!

    Remember - the docs are human and have all made mistakes, too.
  4. by   umcRN
    Yup. had a doctor mad at me for suggesting that the parents of a baby, who already knew how to drop and NG (not taught by me by the way) take him home with that since feeding was his only lingering issue and they were refusing a g-tube (mid you spending day after day in an ICU, mom was present 24/7 doing all his care including feeding him by mouth and handling his NG tube). This particular doc refuses to send babies home with NG tunes. He insisted on a sit down with myself and the charge nurse to go over why he was upset with me and so we could "get all our feelings on the table" he was a bit much. I got over it and still stand by my ground when I think my patients/families need advocating for.
  5. by   RNperdiem
    I would understand that a doctor would be peeved if orders for the day hadn't been done. Nurses aren't the only ones who get upset. Unless he was crossing the line and insulting you personally, let him get mad; he will get over it.
    It is not about you; it is about the patient.
    What can you learn? It is rare that a patient goes all day without any orders. Get into a habit to check.
    Your hospital needs to get firm about doctors doing computer order entry. Where I work, it is not optional. If the docs want to give orders on the patients, they need to put the order into the computer. Verbal orders are used only during procedures.
    I hope you feel better soon and can move on from this experience.
  6. by   sharpeimom
    A psych patient in her late sixties had always lived with her identical twin. She had been hospitalized for depression and anxiety, which were growing worse by leaps and bounds when her idiot doctor put in a no
    visitors order.

    She had been making steady progress before the no visitors rule went into force. The MD had apparently had
    a disagreement with the twin, hence the order. The sister had visited on every visiting day and she frequently had no other visitors.

    Two of us felt the MD was punishing the wrong person. We blatently ignored the order and welcomed the twin. We knew from past experience that trying to reason with this particular doctor was like .

    When he found out, he was LIVID! Fortunately, our supervisor backed us to the hilt and eventually he got less huffy but it took awhile. It was a l-o-n-g few weeks though. If one of us happened to answer the phone, he'd hang up. If we were at the nurses station, he'd leave. Very mature! Jerk!
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  7. by   Been there,done that
    Please continue. Were the orders that were not followed... was
    because they were not properly
    entered in the first place?
  8. by   KBLOWE831
    The orders were put in correctly, I just have never had a direct admit have orders that I needed to initiate. Usually, the only time I ever initiate orders is when I get a pt from surgery. Most times when we get a direct admit, the dr comes up and puts the orders in or sends them with a pt. So I didn't even think twice about checking to see if there were orders that needed to be initiated. I even had talked to his residents throughout the day and they were saying they were going to have xrays done, etc so I just assumed they were putting them in. Obviously, I was supposed to initiate them. I think the dr was mostly ****** because they x-ray and doppler didn't get done. I know I would have been upset to if I was the dr and I know its completely my fault, I just never thought twice about looking for orders. It has taught me I needed to check every pt for orders, especially new pts.

    I think the thing that really got to me was that he said "No offense, but that's just bad care." I try my hardest to do my best, I've only been nursing for 9 months, and that was just a dagger to the heart.
  9. by   Nurse ABC
    Sometimes dr's can be jerks. Yes you overlooked something but it didn't kill the pt (hopefully! ) He had a right to be upset but not to put you down. However, some just get mad and throw their little fit and not care how they make you feel then move on. Just do your best and don't let them see you sweat. It will get easier and you'll learn to take it less personally over time.
  10. by   SaoirseRN
    You made a mistake in not checking for orders, so the doctor's anger is understandable. Could he have handled the situation differently? Probably. But you've learned something from this, presumably, which is to always check for orders. Don't take it personally -- take it as a lesson learned and move on.
  11. by   tyvin
    I've only had one doc mad at me that I know of. It was an elderly women whose doc always gave her abx's when ever she got sick (pheumonnia due to immobility, etc...). This was in a LTC faciltiy. It turns out that the women's doc was on vacation when this women got sick again and the doc he left in charge of his patients told me that there would be no course of abx's to let nature take it's course. She had no family and was not a bother to anyone. OK, this made me mad so we had this long discussion where I basically told him what a jerk he was for his decision for letting her die. The next day I get hauled into the bosses office like I had murdered someone. He complained to the hilt telling my boss all types of things (they may have been true). Long story short somehow the women's doc found out and saved the day. That lady was still living there when I left a year later.
  12. by   joanna73
    Many many times I have had Doctors upset with me, sometimes due to an error I've made with orders, but mainly, because I am a huge advocate for patient care. One Doctor in particular does not like to come to the unit and argues or hangs up when we request assistance. Too bad. In the instances where I was at fault, I have apologized, and learned from my mistakes. However, I will never apologize for asking for orders when I need them. Overall, you will need to develop a thick skin in nursing to not take everything so personally. This is definitely not easy.
  13. by   kelly434
    as you say drs are only human to , then don't they realise its ******** to yell at people.
  14. by   cienurse
    I had a Medical Director once who was not doing his job. The people at the Corporate level decided that they were going to hire someone else and give this doctor a 30 day notice. I, as the Director of Nurses, only related to this man at monthly quality meetings and if any issues arose on the units. My input, however, was not sought out when the decision was made to replace him. In fact, I had no idea that it was happening until he had received his 30 days' notice. This Medical Director stormed into my office and screamed at me, saying I had been a "two-face" by not telling him what was about to happen to him and being nice to his face. He would not hear any explanation I would give him and stormed off. Fast forward 2 years, in which I had transferred to another facility within the company but was back at the previous one for a company meeting, where this doctor was still an attending physician. I passed him in the hallway and said, "Hello Dr._____." He looked at me and asked if I had ever worked at that building before. When I told him I had been the previous Director, his face got all red and he said, "That's right! You're the b....... who stabbed me in the back!" Wow, you jerk! It's been 2 years-get over it! And I didn't even do anything!!