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ugh I have a pt that the one family member always has something to say about something. nothing is ever good enough. the pt has osteomyelitis and has been to wound care and was discharged, and was also on 6+ weeks of vanco IV.... Read More

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    I agree with previous post. We can try to understand and empathize all we want but at the end of the day I don't think it's right to let family members railroad members of the healthcare staff. I understand that they reason they're acting the way they're acting may be complicated and nuanced with all kinds of emotional layers that are beyond our control. I get that. It's important to be understanding. I don't think that's an all-access pass to completely monopolize the nurse's time.
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    Plus, thinking of HIPAA.. you can't legally discuss certain things without the express permission (written is best) of the patient or POA. Its not about empathy, its about legallity. I have been on both sides of the sheets, and know its hard.
    And no one should tolerate abuse just for empathy.

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