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weirdscience has 4 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. weirdscience

    Time Management Tips for New Critical Care Nurses

    This seems very similar to an article Kati Kleber (aka NurseEyeRoll) wrote for her blog. The profile pic is also quite similar to one on the NER blog. EDITED TO SAY: haha, now I see how old the original thread is! It actually is Kati. (Or someone boldly advertising her blog on their profile.) 😜 At least you know nobody's gonna plagiarize you on MY watch. 😊
  2. weirdscience

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    I'm so conflicted about this. I work nights, hem/onc, will be transitioning to critical care soon. We have 24 hour visitation on my floor. Navigating the maze of cot/1,000 chairs/family detritus during nights is dangerous and frustrating. Being told not to come in and "turn on all the lights in the middle of the night" when you have to draw labs at 5 a.m. and the family member is frustrated because THEIR sleep was interrupted the previous night is completely infuriating. The fact that one of our safety metrics in the computer charting system is "family at bedside" but the few patient falls I've had have been pts getting up to the bathroom with family (note: I bed alarm them now, I don't fall for that trick any more!) is maddening. The waitressing, and family coming out in the hallways to interrupt HIPAA protected conversations between two nurses or even worse, trying to flag down a nurse who is clearly on the phone with a doctor, in lieu of using a call bell, for a non-emergency...it ALL burns me. On the other hand, I will bend over backwards for comfort care or new dx pts and their families to visit/camp out within reason, even if it taxes me and the unit.
  3. weirdscience

    Hard and Soft Skills

    This is true in many, many other fields as well. Nursing is finally catching up with other "businesses" in this sense. Great article as always, Commuter!
  4. weirdscience

    Why Nurses Don't Want to Be Identified in Public?

    I used to worry about the germ factor of wearing my scrubs in public after a shift. Then I started working nocs.
  5. weirdscience

    Austin Community College Fall 2011 Hopefuls

    Yes, we heard this, too, and the reason given was that Harkreader will not be updating her text.
  6. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    I don't know if this is what the OP is referring to but our syllabi and lab guidelines (including everything we need to know for physical assessment) are now on Blackboard for us to print out.
  7. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    "Originally Posted by RADIATIONRN2BE Has anyone received part of the lab kit in the mail at home yet?? I haven't and I was just curious if anyone else has. I haven't, and I'm glad you reminded me of this...I totally forgot I even ordered it! Where the heck is it? I thought it was supposed to be here by now." OK, so I just checked the ordering instructions and it says they'll ship on 1/12. Looks like we're still on track!
  8. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    I haven't, and I'm glad you reminded me of this...I totally forgot I even ordered it! Where the heck is it? I thought it was supposed to be here by now.
  9. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    Nursing classes are offered in the summer, but you can't "speed up" the program to my knowledge. The website says: "Are there classes in the summer? Traditional - 2 year program . NO. There are no required nursing courses to be taken in the summer. However, optional nursing courses are offered and any co-requisite course(s) may be taken during that time." My understanding is that you can lighten your load by taking 1/2 of Level 2 in summer (mental health has been recommended to me over Med/Surg since Med/Surg is so intensive) but you will still be a Level 2 come Fall.
  10. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    Thanks for the recon work, you're the bomb! Hope the same is true for the classroom cohorts as far as books. I'm not buying anything else until we start in January.
  11. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    Uhmmm...I sure as helk hope so! I bought the seventh edition too, as well as the clinical companion and study guide. Having to re-purchase will TRULY stink.
  12. weirdscience

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    I'm a nursing student and I also volunteer at a local hospital's ER. No, this is not true in my city in Texas, although the magnet hospitals have recently committed to only hire BSNs by a future date (I think it's 2013 or 2014.) People are saying that this goal is unrealistic, though...so who knows?
  13. weirdscience

    About to start Nursing School and having doubts

    I think it depends on the school, too. I live in a city where there are nursing departments popping up at every school (accredited or not, community/technical schools AND 4 yr. + universities.) The program I'm in is one of the older, more established ones although it is an ADN program. Graduates of my program are usually very well-received in the hospital community here even though it's a pretty small one (only 2 major networks.) This is because it IS well-established and hiring managers know that my school's graduates get more clinical experience than even the BSN grads at a notable university here. I also think this goes back to your comment about your friend--HR departments and nurse managers KNOW which universities are just pumping out graduates and which ones are actually training nurses. I have heard horror stories of some grads at the 2 year private schools who barely TOUCHED a patient during their clinicals: never did a Foley or other basic skills. Finally, as someone who is exiting the housing market, by choice, to go be a nurse, I can tell you that even when this market went bust, those of us with good reputations who were smart and hardworking were able to find jobs, even after getting laid off. That first job after layoff may not have paid as well or been as fun as our other job, but it was work. I think nursing downturns are the same way: some jobs may not be your dream nursing job, but they will get you experience and keep you current until that pendulum swings back the other way.
  14. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    Yes, I was with the EVC group. I saw a couple of guys in the Hybrid group but didn't want to go up to each one and say "Radiation?" since most of them would have been like, "HUH?!?" I wish I would have met you! I liked the tutors, too. I happened to meet Brian the evening before in the hallway at EVC as I was leaving 1105 and he chided me for my bad body mechanics because I was wrestling with my rolling briefcase! Kinda funny, I did not realize until the next day that he was the nursing tutor. I am getting conflicting info on the Level 1 Stipend. The DON you mentioned above said during her info session that we can note financial circumstances that are not apparent on our FASFA on the application (there is no place for this but DON said to use the white space at the top or bottom of the form) whereas a gal I talked to in Financial Aid said they only look at your FASFA info. DON's comment was "well, it's decided by committee not by a computer so I sure would use that white space." Anyone heard anything about this?
  15. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    I thought the best part was the Q & A with the current students. That was pretty informative and made me excited again about the program after feeling a little demoralized in 1105. I'm bummed that we did not get to meet!
  16. weirdscience

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    I'm going!