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Today I was in charge of handing out ribbons and trinkets to all of our certified nurses on the unit for Certified Nurses Day. It felt awkward to "skip over" RN's who were not specialty certified... Read More

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    My hospital is just the opposite, Nurse's Week is for all hospital employees, not just nurses. Lump us in with housekeeping and laundry! Who needs to celebrate education!!

    I'm glad nurses no longer are responsible for doing housekeeping and laundry, but I'm with the posters above: recognize achievements!
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    If people want to be included it is easy, get a certified. A previous hospital I was staff at did special days for just about every specialty from cna and all the different ancillary services. But for some reason they turned nurses week into healthcare week. The only group of people they didn't like to single out to recognize were nurses. I never liked that approach.
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    I would have had no problem with it. They did the work above and beyond. They earned it.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    I don't think you should have been discreet. I think it should have been a big noisy deal to single out and celebrate the achievement of those whom have gone that extra mile and earned the specialty certification. It might inspire the others to do likewise.
    Precisely. When you put in all the clinical time then dedicate yourself to learning above and beyond what you need to practice in your specialty you deserve to have your achievement publicly acknowledged. If the nurses who aren't certified are upset because they feel excluded, they can do what the others did and get certified.

    Sorry to be blunt, but I feel like you did a disservice to your colleagues who were certified. They deserved better. At my facility they have a celebration every year for the certified nurses including a tea with the CNO.
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    Making a big deal about it might encourage nurses to get certified. You aren't "skipping over" anyone. You are presenting recognition to someone that deserves it!
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    Ah yes, everyone must get a prize or a ribbon so no one's feelings get hurt.
    Why do you feel that honouring someone who goes the extra mile, does the extra work should only be award descreetly so as not to hurt someone feelings who has not done the extra?
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    I think all that kind of thing is terribly demeaning to professionals. What is this, anyway, kindergarden for adults? Why should you be rewarded? I mean, really?

    Giving a 5 year old a diploma and a formal graduation for persevering through kindergarden has been the downfall of that generation ...seems some kind of award will be expected for everything one does these days.

    Do your job and what ever training you feel you want to do, but please, lets all be adults #itstime. Shaking head in embarrassment for my profession.
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    The purpose of the day is to acknowledge people who have gone above and beyond, not those who are doing what they are paid to do.
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    Our certified nurses get a personal card, so feelings of non certified nurses don't get hurt.
    Nurses day at our hospital only celebrates nurses, that includes staff nurses, preceptors, educators etc. We also have awards for nurse of the year and rookie of the year. Our CNO wanted nurses to be recognized individually as a profession, that's why she doesn't want any other non licensed professions included. Our unit clerks, CNA's, patient transporters get recognized on another day.
    We also have hospital day, where everyone is recognized. But overall nurses are a very valued and protected profession at my facility.
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    I agree with those who said you should NOT have been discreet. When honoring people who have gone "above and beyond," it is appropriate to be public -- as a means of inspiring others to make a similar committment and effort. The public recognition is a way for employers to show that they value nursing education and knowledge.
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