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Anybody else feel like you're just not as caring and compassionate as other nurses? I think of myself as a caring nurse and I try to do the best I can by my patients. I love it when I leave at the... Read More

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    The NG tube is the best thing that ever happened to him! With a bowel obstruction he would be nauseated and vomiting, throwing off the electrolytes - this is the worst feeling! Even the zofran, phenergan can't help! ! I have placed so many NG tubes due to an ileus and obstruction and I have enjoyed putting them in, I knew that my pt would feel so much better afterwards, except the irritation of the throat . I am not cold hearted at all! I care too much, I am very sensitive, any kind of story ( happy and sad) make me tear up----this is my weakness as well as my strength. I wish I didn't care way too much . I had a hard time separating work from home! I would think about my pts all the time! Especially the Codes!

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    the following comments are for esme12 and anyone else kind enough to comment on my earlier post. last monday afternoon i had an appointment with my long time primary care physician and asked him if he might prescribe a tranquilizer for me to combat anxiety and restlessness interfering with sleep. he asked if anything was occuring that necessitated my need for this? i then reminded him of my anxiety concerning possible needs of medical procedures which i feared my problems would interfere with. procedures such as urinary catheterization, nasogastric tube insertion, and intubation. i also informed him of my inquiries on this forum and my asking about the possibility of being sedated to enable me to tolerate same, and my disappointment that the only answers provided me were that sedation was out the question for such minor procedures. he explained to me that the protocol used in carrying out of medical procedures are based on years of experimentation and research, which yield the safest ways of getting these things done. he advised me that what i needed to do when faced with the need of one of these procedures was to calmly and rationally explain to my nurse that i cannot tolerate this without being sedated, who would inform the ordering physician, who if he/she felt it necessary would discuss alternatives, if any, with the patient, but that the physician and only the physician could order the sedation requested. this is why the nurses on this forum do not talk about the possibilities of sedation for any procedure which it is not a routine part of. he did assure me that noone will ever force any procedure on me that i have specifically refused as long as i am competent and rational. he left me with his expert medical opinion that if a patient refuses insertion of an urinary catheter without prior sedation, as long as the physician feels the catheterization to be absolutely necessary that sedation would most likely be ordered. i again wish to thank all of you for allowing me to use this thread to explain my anxieties and promise not to intrude on this thread again.

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