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I got in trouble at my job yesterday. I was training in a new case manager. After some time observing me make calls and document, she tried it on her own. She's smart, a great nurse and did a good job on her first call. But... Read More

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    I wonder - what was the age of the nurse in question? I'm only asking because my own 2 sprouts can't spell at all - and they both have graduate degrees. They have always had to have a lot of mom-help to translate their written thoughts (gaaahhhh) into grammatically correct, properly punctuated sentences. I blame the changed educational processes - and over-reliance on computers/technology. Seriously, they are absolutely lost unless they have spell-check and grammar check on hand, and OP said that their application does not have these features.

    My suggestion is probably a bit lame, but I think that the organization needs to raise the bar - assess basic English competencies as part of the application process. My organization does this for a lot of positions that have heavy clerical responsibilities. It does add t the hiring cost, but if it cuts down on the number of bad hires & overall training time, it would be justified.
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    But there is the fact that she's been working and charting for over a decade and this seems to not have been an issue for her. This would then make the OP seem rather ridiculous to her.
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    " English is my 2nd language card" works in highschool but not in healthcare or any other profession. In addition, this person has been in the states for 25 + years, and the 2nd language card does not apply! English is my 4th language , I am not a great writer,and essays have always been my weakness! This is not related to being from a different country , there are many people who are born in a English speaking country and are weak at writing. Some people are gifted, some were determined to master writing, other don't care or just don't get it. Personally, if I do not know how to do something , I will ask for help. If I do something wrong, I am not going to say "well this is how (that) nurse taught me to do it," I will apologize, and ask the nurse to show me how she does it. When I was in highschool and college , when my friends had to read the chapter 1 or 2 times , I had to read it 10 times! I was determined to succeed in nursing and I wanted people to see my strengths and give me the credit I deserved, I wanted to fit in and be treated the same! I was treated the same and this for me is an accomplishment. I speak English fluently but I am a terrible writer, and it does not mean I will not try to improve.
    Excuses= failure to improve or at least try!
    In your case, I think this person was very sensitive!
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    I think it started when they stopped keeping score at kids' soccer games and gave ALL the kids a trophy!
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    My mother is FOB Korean working in long term healthcare. She taught us since birth that life is what you earn, not what you think someone owes you. No one cares if you feel like you could be a nice nurse when they are hiring, they want to know if you are good at your job. No one cares if you are really sick when you call in, they want your shift covered. Etc. Mom always says you get what you earn.

    If this person were more empowered, she'd take that statement and fix her writing in order to keep her job, not whine about how mean you are.

    This person sounds more entitled rather than empowered.
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    I'll admit I'm a bit sensitive, but I've figured out you don't help yourself being hypersensitive to everything. I'm sorry she called you a *****, and god forbid you go out of your way to tell her to write like a professional because it's not like we're professionals​. I couldn't believe the writing of some of my classmates. I completely loathe text-speech, and it irks me to no end when people say, "O-M-G! That was just O-M-G!"

    And you're (classmate) older than me? -_-; Thank you Ms. Insane-English-AP-High-School-Teacher for emphasizing decent writing.
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    OP, I'd love to hear more about the eventual success of your orientee on your unit. Curious to see if she works out competency-wise AND interpersonal skills-wise.
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    OP, I work in Case Management too. My boss fired someone a few months ago for poorly written notes. The nurse also used the "English is my second language" excuse and is a nurse who has lived and worked in this country for decades, as well. However, the nurse received several warnings and was finally let go due to complaints by outside agencies and other health care workers within our company.

    Healthcare is a place of business and the nurse CM you were orienting will create notes that count toward effective patient care and the hospital getting paid! Does your boss have the ability to be fair but firm? Or will your boss waste everyone's time and allow this nurse to get through orientation?
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    Healthstar---Based on your comment, I would disagree that you are a terrible writer. I'd say you succeeded in writing also. : )
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    "If it wasn't documented, it didn't happen."

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