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Ok. I take public transportation to work. No biggy. I have a co-worker of mine who likes to tell the staff that i don't drive and take the light rail/bus. Its not a big issue but I find his manner... Read More

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    I ride the bus (and sometimes the subway) to work, too. It's not by choice; I can't afford a car. Some people are impressed, some are amazed, some act like I'm taking a huge risk. There have been murders on the bus, including one in the last week, but not in my neck of the woods. I've been spit on 3 times, though.

    One thing I've learned is when you don't drive and you don't drink, people assume you're a recovering alcoholic with a suspended license.
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    Why did you get spit on? Some people are so rude and nasty.
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    Wow, I'd love to be able to take the bus or take a train to work!

    I live in Florida, in the Tampa Bay area, but about 40 minutes outside of the city of Tampa. So, we have no mass transit. We have to drive our cars everywhere, which I hate.
    I grew up in north Jersey, very close to New York City and then I went to nursing school in PA, right outside of Philly. I loved having mass transit readily available. I was always very comfortable taking the bus or taking the train.
    Trust me, I miss having the option of taking mass transit. If I moved back to north Jersey, I would most likely take a train or bus to work.

    I don't understand why your co-worker is teasing you. Everybody knows our economy is bad. Taking the bus to work saves people a lot of money!! And you know how the whole "going green" campaign is gaining in popularity? People who take the bus to work are probably helping the environment.
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    Our hospital gives us free bus passes, which is really nice when I want to take the bus somewhere. Unfortunately our bus system isn't that good. I can catch a bus to work, but they stop running about an hour before I get off. Plus it takes so long, it's faster to just ride my bike.
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    That's what I don't understand. Why is your co-worker making it a point of telling others that you take the bus? Does he think you are less of a person for it? Because he's an idiot of thats what he thinks.
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    Yes, tell her that it bothers you. You can do it professionally and politely...but firmly.
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    ...bah! Just ask your co-worker where they parked their tricycle.
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    Quote from abbaking
    Ok. I take public transportation to work. No biggy. I have a co-worker of mine who likes to tell the staff that i don't drive and take the light rail/bus. Its not a big issue but I find his manner sort of rude and intrusive.

    Any suggestions?
    Wow, what a jerk! I'd definitely take the bus if we had a more dependable public transportation system here in Omaha. Tell him that you're proud not to be wasting natural resources to take a car to work every day!
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    What a dolt!
    I liked JBudd's idea of loudly repeating, "Why is my personal life any concern of yours?" especially in front of the people who are listening to his/her stupidity.

    It appears as though this person tries to degrade/embarrass other people in order to feel better about him/herself.

    This type of behavior screams self-esteem problem!!!
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    How about a "Hey, coworker, what is your problem with the bus?"
    0r "Yeah, I take the bus, so what?" "how much you spending on gas and parking and that car each month?"
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    My reply would be, "And this concerns you how????"
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    The guy has some serious self-esteem issues. Anyone that tries to make someone else feel inferior usually does.
    Who is this idiot anyway?
    Taking the bus is great! You don't have to deal with traffic or parking and it is good for the environment! My husband and I take the bus often. We actually sold one of our cars and share the other one now. We save thousands of dollars every year by doing this.
    Many (ignorant) people equate: mass transit=poor, low-class. Other people equate: nice car=wealth. What a laugh!
    I wonder how much he wastes every year on gas, insurance, upkeep/repairs, car payments etc.? For the most part, cars are money wasters.
    You should reinforce the fact that you are happy that you aren't strapped with sinking $ into a car every month.
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    How about: "I know - isn't it great?!"
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