Are there any CNA jobs with high pay rates?

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    hello, i am a pre-nursing student. i will be getting my cna certificate in the fall. i wanted to know if there are any high paying cna jobs that i can look into while going to school. i want to quit my security job and get started in healthcare as a cna. i was wondering if i need to look at an agency, home healthcare or do they have traveling cna's. i want to be able to cover my bills and mortgage while in school and get the experience. i would appreciate it if someone could give me some insight on were to look and search in charlotte or gastonia. a co-worker of mine told me that he knew a cna who made $39k.:typing

    reason for edit: cna's have a certificate, not license. cna's must work under an lpn's or rn's license.
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    I am a CNA in Pennsylvania and i can tell you that there is no way a CNA makes 39k a year, The average pay scale for cna's is 8-12 dollars per hour
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    In the small community hospitals on the Eastern side of the state, CNA's make minimum wage or slightly above (shameful, but true). In the larger teaching hospitals, CNA-II's may possibly earn $10-$12/hr - but this is only with years of seniority, and completion of training courses in phlebotomy and other tech duties such as performing 12-lead ECG's.
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    In the Raleigh-Durham area, CNAs make anywhere from $7 to $9 just starting out. Even after several years experience, it is rare to make even $10. You might want to reconsider quitting your job if you have a mortgage to pay ...
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    In the Charlotte area, inexperienced CNAs make, at the most, $12/hour. And that's at the best facilities. There are positions available in the hospitals, in LTC, and at some clinics. I found my position by searching online.

    39K??? Only if they were working two full time jobs. No way they made that at 40 hours a week.
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    The most I've seen is Duke. CNA I's start at $10, CNA II's $11.
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    I live in Wilson NC and last year I made a little shy of $32,000, however It was a private duty case from an agency called "ELDER - CARE". this case lasted aprox. 4 years!!..So yeah if ya luck out there is $$$ to be made
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    I am in Phoenix, AZ and I've been a CNA for only 7 months and I make $16.00 an hour.
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    well in cali cna's can make like 20 bucks that was with sub acute co worker was a cna for about a year with sub acute and she got offered a job with the ucla medical center or hospital making 20 yeah it's possible but it depends where u work and the type of experience.. get some sub acute experience u will get paid more..
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    Not sure about your area but Charlotte is huge and I bet they pay pretty good. You just have to call around. I live near Raleigh and worked in Cary. My pay was 14.00-15.50 which included shift diff and weekend diff. I worked there 10 years. You could definetly make 39k
    if you worked a ton of double shifts. But that would be impossible and go to school at the same time.

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